Finally home!

Maybe you didn't spend too many days at the hospital, but you definitely couldn't wait to get home. And look, the time has come!

It's the first days with the baby and both the excitement and the fear have grown to maximum heights. You look at your child, who looks so small and fragile, and you think that you can't wait to give him a beating, but at the same time, you seem to be a little afraid. A lot of thoughts make you worry, but the little one's babbling blocks them all and calms you down terribly.

You are finally home! And the environment here is much friendlier than the one in the hospital. Even if you no longer have help from a nurse, the silence at home makes everything seem a little easier.

baby first month of life

Breathe deeply and try to relax a little!

The last few days have probably been quite difficult, both for you and for the baby. As you already know, giving birth is not among the easiest things to "do". So, give yourself a little break. Ask for the help of your husband, mother or maybe even a good friend.

Any advice and any extra help is useful now. Don't do it all alone and don't worry or get frustrated because things don't turn out the way you want. It's normal not to know exactly how to wash your baby, and that's no reason to be upset. You will get better and better as time goes by.

Don't worry about the fact that the baby isn't very dexterous either, and breastfeeding is more difficult at first. Just as you accommodate yourself with him and his needs, he also does this at his own pace and in his own way.

If you're still afraid of how the first bath at home will go, you should feel lucky, because we have an article where you can find useful information so that this activity won't be a pain either for you or for the little one.

To discover the secrets of a pleasant bath, read the article "How to bathe the baby in the first days". You will find here all the steps you need to follow.

baby's first month of life

What are the "topics of interest" for babies in the first month?

In the lines above, we have already started to list some things that you will have to pay attention to. You must know that the little one needs, first of all, proper food.

If you have decided to breastfeed, then, in the first months of life, mother's milk will be enough for the baby to have hearty meals and to grow big and strong. If not, you will have to consult the pediatrician, who can recommend a suitable formula for your baby's needs.

After food, there are two very important things, the baby's hygiene and sleep. When it comes to hygiene, you must know that the little one must be washed daily and changed on time. And regarding sleep, you should know that babies sleep quite a lot in the first months of life.

It seems so simple to have a baby! You would think that he sleeps a lot and that he doesn't need too many things. However, the reality is that, having a small stomach, it must be fed once every few hours, and that "a lot" of sleep is not really uninterrupted. So, being a mother could become quite a demanding job for you.

baby first month of life

With whom and where does the baby sleep in the first months?

If you have solved eating, sleeping is the next "problem". If when you were young, you didn't have many white nights, you will surely recover now!

The little one will wake up and ask you for food, even in the middle of the night, so it would be ideal for the baby to sleep in the parents' room for the first few months. In addition to the fact that it will be easier to get up and see what he needs by being closer, the little one will be calmer by feeling you around.

If the doctors recommend that the baby sleep in the same room with the parents during the first months, it is not recommended, on the other hand, that he should sleep in the same bed with them. To prevent any kind of accidents, the little one will need his own crib.

And where can you find more gorgeous baby cribs if not here ?

In the baby's room you have a lot of types of cots that are more beautiful and more useful for your little one. So, if you still haven't managed to buy a crib for your little one, come in and see what exactly suits him!

On the website you can find a lot of models, but we recommend you opt for a cosleeper. These types of cots can be attached to the parents' matrimonial bed, and this will make waking up in the middle of the night, breastfeeding and even changing, an easier activity.

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A sleeping baby = a happy parent!

For the little ones, rest is essential. If they can't sleep well, neither will you. So, do everything in your power so that your baby does not experience any discomfort.

Never postpone breastfeeding and make sure he is changed on time so that nothing disturbs him. Dress him according to the temperature of the room, so that he is not too warm and make sure that his bed is also clean, comfortable and safe. In this way, you will be able to get through the first month with baby without any problems!