3 quarters of a year have already passed!

Do you remember when the baby was barely in the belly? Or, do you know what it was like when you just gave birth? Now you look at the baby and how well he manages to walk, as if you can't believe it!

Already "mama", "dad", "papa" are words he loves. And life with him is more and more exciting and fun.

9 months of love, happiness and all kinds of trials have already passed, and the little one will be a year old soon! Many things happened during this period, and the experience of being a mother or father begins to change, and things become less difficult.

What does the baby do at 9 months?

At 9 months of life, babies are already "adults". They walk without the slightest problem and have the ability to sit for quite long periods of time.

They can stand up by themselves, clinging to the objects around them, and when they need to, they can take the teat to their mouth by themselves.

They are also more vocal than before, and even if they can't speak yet, they can point to objects they want to see closer.

On average, at 9 months, babies at this age weigh about 8 kg, or even more, and have a height of about 69-71 cm. So, from this period, one of the problems you faced during pregnancy might reappear.

Namely, back pain! This, of course, if your puppy likes to sit in your arms. Which, in many cases, happens.

The baby and his favorite toy

You've probably already heard stories from other parents, about how their children can't part with their favorite teddy bear, which, most of the time, is bigger than the baby itself, and occupies almost the entire back seat, every when it comes to a car ride.

The size of the teddy bear can sometimes be funny in stories and can be a little exaggerated, but what is not exaggerated is the fact that your baby will surely get attached to a certain toy. Which, for sure, he will keep with him for a long time from now, no matter how ugly it will look in the future and no matter how much you try to make him agree to throw it away.

Whether it's a teddy bear, a doll or another object, starting with this age, the baby will want to do anything, provided that the toy stays with him. Whether we are talking about sleeping or eating, the toy will always have to do the same activities.

Precisely for this reason, it is very possible that along with the little one's attachment to his new friend, food or dirt stains will also appear on the clothes or the fur of the toy.

What we advise you is to buy one or even more toys identical to the one the baby loves. Because, no matter how good his doll is, it won't be able to "survive" endlessly long car washes, or the little one's games.

And, for sure, you wouldn't want to see the reaction of the little one, in case his favorite doll breaks somewhere.

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9 months and a little explorer

If some adults can no longer be impressed by many things when they reach a certain age, 9-month-old babies are fascinated by almost everything. And this means that they will always find something interesting, after which they can leave on their own.

In the next period, you may encounter problems with changing clothes, because the baby will always have something more important to do. And, unlike when he was a month or two old and didn't move much, now he can get up by himself and go "where he needs to go".

Our advice is to move as quickly as possible when changing him and try to distract him a little with a toy he is interested in. And for this to happen, you must have all the necessary clothes at hand, which, ideally, should be arranged as well as possible in the closet.

So that the change is not a pain neither for you nor for the baby, carefully arrange all the baby's clothing items. If you don't know how to do this effectively, we advise you to read the article " How to organize the baby's clothes ?".

The order in the clothes leads to finding them easily and changing the little one quickly. Take our word for it when we tell you that there won't be much time, neither to choose an outfit nor to wear it. So, consider this advice.

In the ninth month, babies turn into explorers, but even explorers can be managed with a little luck and a lot of calm. We hope that the article helped you to learn more both about the development of the baby and about what you should do, so that things seem easier!