Fluffy and colorful dreams

Evening is fast approaching and it's time for your little one to go to bed. Night is gently knocking on the window and the little one is ready for sleep. Dressed in his night clothes, he's ready to be engulfed in a fluffy and colorful dream. But his beautifully bedded crib and the toys hanging above the bed, do not manage to bring Santa Ene closer to the eyes of the little one. You wish you could stay with him a little longer, hold him in your arms, feel his warmth. You know just as well that the child will miss you too. Your warmth will not soothe his sleep. But that's what thermal toys are for.

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Little one's best friend

The cutest animals will accompany your child on his journey to the world of dreams. Filled with millet and French lavender, the thermal toys can take the shape of your best friend. Puppies or kittens, bunnies or turtles, each of these toys will represent the ideal companion. Whether you want your pup to have a sound sleep, help him relax or get rid of colic, thermal toys are the ideal solution. You can heat them gently in the microwave and use them immediately.

Baby thermal toys! Colic toys! Bucharest girls toys! Boys Toys Bucharest!

Millet and French lavender

These toys for babies and children contain purified millet. But you don't have to worry about the materials used because they are perfectly safe. The millet is dusted, cleaned and filtered after harvesting, and then the seeds undergo a heat treatment to reduce the moisture content as much as possible. In addition, the pets are also scented. Whether they bring scents of lavender or mint, they will also have an aerosol effect. The perfume remains intense for several months but can be easily refreshed with a few drops of aromatic oil. The toys can keep warm for two hours, which is more than enough time for your baby to fall asleep calmly and relaxed just like in mom's arms.

The best reasons to choose a Warmies thermal toy
Baby thermal toys! Colic toys! Bucharest girls toys! Boys Toys Bucharest!

Have you ever wondered what makes a Warmies thermal toy so special? After all, it's a plush toy like any other. And then, what are the reasons that can make you choose an extra thermal toy for your puppy?

Thermal toys are perfectly safe. They are made of high quality materials and the entire manufacturing process follows extremely strict standards.
This type of toys take the form of cute little animals. Whether your little one prefers a puppy, bunny or teddy bear to keep him company at bedtime, you are sure to find a model that suits your taste and that your child will love.
They are filled with millet and French lavender. The millet is purified but first goes through a rigorous preparation process. It is dusted, cleaned and filtered after harvesting. Then the seeds are subjected to a heat treatment to reduce the humidity as much as possible.
Thermal toys are scented. The little companions bring scents of lavender or mint, inducing calm and relaxation. The fragrance lasts a long time, but if it starts to fade, you can refresh it with a few drops of essential oil.
They are easy to handle and maintain. These types of toys heat up very easily. All you need is a microwave oven. The heat it stores is preserved for two hours.

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They are a source of warmth that helps induce a quick and restful sleep for your pup.
Toys of this type are very good for relaxing muscle tension, cramps, abdominal pain or colic in newborns and can have a positive effect in easing the child's breathing.
They are an ideal companion for the little ones, both on hot and cold days. It creates additional comfort, and the little one feels as safe as when he is in the loving arms of his parents.

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