Did you know that music can help the little one to develop? When we talk about sensory and cognitive development, music can play a particularly important role in the development of babies and children. The most recent studies have shown that music has the ability to influence the physical, emotional and intellectual development of babies and small children, but also to improve cognitive and sensory development; it would seem that music has these effects even before birth, from the last weeks of pregnancy.

The babies who were exposed to classical music during the last weeks of pregnancy seem to have developed motor and language skills clearly superior to the others, with an important influence on intellectual development.

How do musical toys work and what effects do they have?

For babies and children, music has the ability to activate neural pathways responsible for many human abilities such as creativity or even more specific abilities such as spatial intelligence. In addition, it would seem that babies as young as 3 months old can use music to remember the things they have learned, which is why scientists have come to the conclusion that music influences extremely much learning process.

Spatial intelligence represents the ability to interpret the visual world and establish the relationship between different objects in space. Thus, whether you choose to play music for your baby even before he is born, or whether you start a program immediately after birth, specialists are of the opinion that in the long term you will significantly improve the abilities of the little one, as well as his physical and intellectual development. When we talk about music, it is important to combine the learning part with the playing part. And what could be more convenient than using the musical toys offered by the Baby Room?

What are the advantages of using interactive musical toys?

The musical toys offered by Camera Bebelusului, in addition to being extremely funny, are also made of the best quality materials, complying with the strictest regulations in the field. The materials used to make these toys are non-toxic, extremely pleasant to the touch, regardless of whether we are talking about velvet or velor, polyester, plush or plastic material. Made in Italy, the musical toys will help the little one to discover new sounds, colors and shapes.

Musical toys primarily have a calming effect on the little one. Regardless of whether you are in the city and using such a miniature interactive toy or at home and preparing the little one for bed, you should know that you can use musical toys from birth, from the age of 0 months. These will help the little one to fall asleep more easily, by creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, essential for a restful sleep. When the baby is awake, he will definitely enjoy the company of his musical friends, regardless of whether they embody funny mice , shy hippos, playful raccoons or even fluffy bears.

How do we choose the color of the toy according to the age of the baby?

The special coloring of these toys will attract the attention of babies and children, especially after the age of 3 months. At birth, babies do not have well-developed vision and can only see in black and white and only up close. From the age of 3 months, they begin to distinguish colors and recognize their parents. Starting with the age of eight months, the images will be much clearer, but the hand-eye coordination will also develop. This coordination will be further developed by the use of these toys with sounds, which will attract him both through coloring and especially through sounds. Visual and motor coordination will allow the little one to develop at a faster pace.

What do we choose – squeaky toys or musical toys?

Camera Bebelusului offers both cheap chirping and musical toys, of larger or smaller sizes, suitable only to be used at home, or extremely versatile, which can be used in the car, in the park, in the crib or at the place of play. The toys for the stroller and the car seat are usually provided with a ring that allows them to be attached to the stroller and easy access for the little one. These are multisensory toys, capable of stimulating babies' imagination. The toy for stroller and car seat that embodies an owl has ears that rustle, but also a belly that squeaks. The owl is decorated in bright colors and is provided with scales; using such a toy greatly contributes to the development of the social and emotional skills of babies and small children.

In what situations can we use interactive musical toys?

For the moments when you are not at home, but you want to take your little one's favorite toy, you can choose an extremely affordable musical interactive toy, which is provided with a plastic hook and which can be in the shape of a star or a cloud . Regardless of whether you choose the lucky star or the sleeping cloud , your baby will enjoy the most beautiful song, it will calm down, so that you can enjoy the experience of the time spent together.

If you want a chirping toy instead, you can choose between Hippo Marcel , Suzy Bear, Tony Bear , the elephant with gum ring, but also the BabyOno pink bunny, the monkey or the BabyOno blue bear. Each of these characters can be your baby's best friend, able to become his playmate or simply keep him company when he walks into the wonderful world of dreams.

What do a sleeping pad, a donkey and a restful sleep have in common?

Frankie the donkey gives life to these extra sleeping beds. Made of the best quality velour, the blanket can be useful to the baby both during the day for playing and during the night for sleeping. The rustling sound made by Frankie the donkey will help the little one to calm down and slip into the wonderful world of dreams. In addition, the extra soft sleeping mat is also provided with a teething ring, so you will have a toy, a mat and a teething ring at hand, ready for use at any time.


Which toy from the Baby's Room perfectly embodies purity, calm and patience?

If we want an extra soft interactive toy, made in Italy, in pastel colors, in diaphanous shades, we can always choose Puccio or Tato from Nanan. The Daddy Bear will induce a state of calm in the little one, but it will also prepare him for sleep, being provided with a handle that, when activated, makes sweet sounds that transport the baby to the colorful world of dreams. The Tato bear represents for every family it reaches the perfect embodiment of purity, calmness and patience.

All that remains to be done is to choose a reliable friend for your baby, to accompany the little one in the everyday discovery of the magical world in which we live!