Baby winter

Are you going on winter vacation with your baby? For most parents, baby's first winter is definitely a cause for concern, especially if a trip to the mountains is also planned. It's the cold season, it's cold outside, the baby might catch a cold... all these worries are natural, but we shouldn't let them ruin our vacation plans. If we carefully plan the trip and think about what it entails for the baby, we can put the worries aside to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

First of all, the temperature of the vacation destination must be taken into account when preparing the luggage. It is very important to ensure an optimal temperature for the baby, both during transport and at accommodation. In order to always have the things the baby needs at hand, it is advisable to pack a separate bag for him


It is good to prepare 2 outfits/day for the baby , because it is possible that the little one gets dirty or wet and there must always be a spare outfit. Baby's travel wardrobe should contain warm overalls, a few sweaters, trousers, socks, pajamas (preferably fleece), thick boots and a hat. If you plan to take your baby for a walk, short walks are recommended, then you should also pack a waterproof suit with hood, gloves, scarf and blankets to wrap him in the pram. It is also good to have a sleeping bag to ensure optimal comfort and warmth for the baby at night, in case there is not enough heat in the room.

You can opt for tracksuits with a fleece exterior and fleece interior. They come with detachable gloves and booties and a faux fur hood for a modern touch.

During the trip, it is recommended that the baby is dressed in several layers of clothes, so that you can ensure comfort in case he is hot or cold, without having to change his clothes. Clothes should not be thick, they should let the skin breathe and be easy to take off. For example, you can dress the baby in a bodysuit with a long-sleeved T-shirt and a thin sweater on top, and underneath tights or tights and a pair of comfortable pants.


Whether you're traveling by car or plane, you should always have your baby's bottle, diapers, and wipes handy.

During car transport, it is not recommended that the baby wears a jacket or other bulky clothing, as they prevent the proper functioning of the baby seat's safety system. To warm the little one, you can wrap him with a blanket after fastening the seat belt.

It is very important that the car seat or shell is appropriate for the child's age, and the safety system (safety harness) is properly adjusted to adapt to the baby's size. The most convenient option is to purchase a 3 in 1 stroller , which is also equipped with a car seat.


Baby Room Stroller

Also pack a snow-friendly stroller with sturdy wheels and carrycot to protect your baby from the cold, wind, rain or snow.

A very good choice is the 3-in-1 strollers from Foppapedretti, which fold up easily and can be carried in the trunk, included a car seat, a pram - ideal for mountain walks, as they help protect the baby both in the case of temperatures low (in combination with the appropriate clothes), as well as protects him from the sun's rays; a sports part for the usual walks, a rain and snow cover, a mesh compartment and a bag to always have the products necessary for the baby at hand during the walk.

If you prefer to keep the baby in a baby carrier, there are versions made of warm materials that insulate thermally and protect against the cold.

Constantly monitor your baby's temperature during walks, as they can't regulate their body temperature the way adults do, and can't always tell when they're cold. Check his face, ears, hands and feet, as these are the first body parts to tell you that your little one is cold. If they are cold or the baby seems uncomfortable, you must bring him into the house immediately.

It is also recommended that in case of adverse weather conditions (strong wind, rain, heavy snow, storm, etc.) not to take the baby out for a walk, because just as we also avoid going out for a walk in such conditions, and the little one will definitely prefer to stay at home in the heat.


The most important items that your baby needs on vacation are absorbent diapers. Calculate how many diapers he needs in a day, and add at least half of that number. In this case, it is advisable to follow the principle "more is better than nothing". The same principle applies to wet wipes, moisturizing lotion and talcum powder.

It is recommended that you also have a special first aid kit for babies. This kit may contain wipes, plasters, special creams, medicinal alcohol, fever medicine, colic medicine, nasal saline and any other medicines prescribed by the pediatrician.

Baby's toys are important because they calm him down and capture his attention. To avoid the little one from fussing and crying during the car ride, you can hang the toy on the seat or if it is not equipped with such a holding device, you can put the favorite toy in your hands, but do not put the toy or anything something else under the safety harness.

To calm the baby, you can opt for a wide range of toys, which have different functions (Baby Accessories)

Thermal toys that retain their heat for up to two hours and emit a pleasant smell of lavender, which has a therapeutic effect on the child.

Thermal toys for children and babies

A sun protection net is also useful for car travel, which should be placed on the window next to the baby. Even if it is winter, the sun's rays are strong and reflected in the snow, which can cause discomfort to the baby.

Another necessary product is the night light, which will help the little one sleep as well as at home. Also don't forget the baby monitor, this is essential when the baby is left alone in the room, even for short periods.


Don't forget to take enough bottles for milk, tea and water, a breast pump, pacifiers, baby formula and a few containers of baby's favorite food if she's already switched to solid food.

It is very important that you take the pediatrician's advice into account when planning your trip!

In order not to leave out any necessary item during the baby's vacation, we recommend you make a list, which you can fill out with the products we suggest, to eliminate all worries, and you will definitely have a wonderful vacation with your baby.

What other products do you take when you go on holiday with your baby?