For the current year, the interior designers give us a series of recommendations regarding the arrangement of the baby's room. The trends in 2021 are extremely varied, being mainly characterized by unique designs, able to fully reflect the personality of parents or future parents.

The arrangement of the baby's room represents an important stage in the life of every family, which should not be taken too lightly, considering the importance that the atmosphere created in this room can have on the mood of parents and children, but also on the development of the little one for the next years. The way in which the baby's room is arranged reflects the personality of the parents, but also the trends in the field. For 2021, the arrangements full of personality, bright, full of life are the most appreciated, but the atmosphere created inside this room is also important - happiness, comfort and relaxation, considering that in this space the foundations of the relationship between parents and children.

In 2021, designers recommend neutral, bright tones and statement accents

The baby's room represented that space where the parents will spend a large part of their time, to be with the little one. That is why it is so important that this room is designed taking into account the trends in the field, personality, individual preferences, but also aspects related to the child's psychology and development.

For 2021, the specialists' recommendations target both small and large spaces. The color palette is particularly varied and can go from neutral tones to color accents in terms of accessories or statement areas.

Three new collections launched in Camera Bebelusului in 2021

Camera Bebelusului is launching three new furniture collections in 2021, with simple and elegant lines, ideal for creating a feeling of warmth and closeness in the little one's room. The Dado collection is diaphanous, with playful decorations in the form of bears and ducklings. The cot, the central element of any room for babies, is made of solid beech wood of superior quality, and is decorated with bears and stars. This cot can be used both for the age group of 0 - 6 months, and for 6 months - 5 years, having the possibility to adjust the height of the mattress.

The beech wood chosen to make this cot offers the safety of the little one, being a natural material and belonging to the category of hard wood essences. In 2021, designers' preferences regarding the arrangement of the baby's room turn to oval-shaped pieces of furniture, which break out of the mold and offer a unique, non-conventional, but extremely practical and visually attractive design.

The cot is the point of attraction in any child's room, that's why it's important to give ourselves enough time to choose one that delights us from all points of view - the materials used, the color, the decorations, the functionality, but also its versatility. In 2021, light or neutral pieces of furniture, close to nature, capable of reflecting light, but also creating a relaxing atmosphere and impressing a sense of well-being, are preferred for both adults and children.

In 2021, furniture pieces combine multifunctionality with aesthetics

Regardless of whether we choose a more minimalist arrangement, or furniture packages of six or more pieces, the basic aspect is represented by functionality. The pieces of furniture from the Dado collection offer, in addition to a special aesthetic appearance, increased functionality and guarantee the use of particularly resistant materials.

In the Dado collection, furniture packages consisting of three, four or five pieces are available, as well as sets of linens and bed protectors, and even individual pieces and canopies. Depending on the space you have at your disposal, you can choose to combine pieces of furniture and accessories, so as to obtain an authentic, multifunctional arrangement that exploits the room to the maximum.

For those parents who want an out-of-the-box arrangement, the specialists recommend the use of pieces of furniture in neutral colors, as well as some accessories or decorations that give extra personality. Thus, statement walls can enhance a setting for babies or children, and highlight the unique design of the furniture pieces.

Feminine accents in the baby's room

In 2021, feminine, cute accents can also be obtained with the help of classic pieces of furniture, decorated with bows in neutral colors and tender hearts. One such collection is the Lilli collection, a diaphanous collection that perfectly adapts to the requirements of decorating a room for girls in 2021. in the Lilli collection, furniture pieces are available in shades of white and cream, made of wood, Pal and MDF the best quality.

The lines of the pieces of furniture from the Lilli collection are fluid, simple, but elegant at the same time, capable of creating a fairy tale setting for little princesses. The classic design of the baby's room is back in trend in 2021, this time not being corseted in terms of the decorations that can be used. Thus, in 2021, the specialists recommend us to combine the new elements (the furniture from the Lilli collection) with the old ones (some vintage items or decorations or with sentimental value), in order to obtain an extremely refined arrangement, full of personality and particularly attractive from visual point of view.

For those who want to combine the classic style with the modern one, the Lilli collection lends itself extremely well, as it can be combined with modern accessories and decorations, so that the result is surprising. The neutral white and beige colors can be combined with pieces in strong colors, which emphasize the arrangement as a whole and eliminate that feeling of monotony, which can be found in many children's and babies' room arrangements.

The Stella Magic collection, a truly magical collection for decorating babies' rooms

In 2021, bright and lively rooms are preferred, in which the effect is obtained by combining the pieces of furniture, decorations, fabrics, colors and textures used.

The Stella Magic collection is, as the name suggests, a magical collection. The pieces of furniture are provided with built-in LEDs and have lighting modes that can be set using a remote control. For those parents who want to bring technology into the baby's room, creating a game of lights is the key ingredient that can transport the little one to a fairy tale world. The colors and the play of lights from the Stela Magic collection are what will carry the little one into the wonderful world of dreams, ensuring a soft and magical sleep, in the comfort of their own crib in the Baby Room.