We have entered the month of December and there is very little left until Christmas. Have you prepared the gifts for the little ones? Will you go on a visit, on vacation in an organized setting or will you spend it quietly, with your family, around the Christmas tree? Regardless of the plans you have for Christmas, you definitely want the little ones to have quality time, to have fun, to enter the magic of the winter holidays and to feel wonderful in new and Christmas-themed clothes.

Christmas clothes

children's Christmas clothes

It's fun to wear Christmas clothes, and little ones love it. That's why I've already prepared a unique collection of Christmas themed clothes for you. Whether you choose to be an inspired Santa Claus and put these clothes in the gifts, under the tree, or you are impatient to see how your children will look with these Christmas clothes and you will give them early, here are some items that you we warmly recommend them.

Clothes for the First Christmas

Is it the first or Christmas? Oh, what joy! Mark this moment in an original way, with our themed clothes for the winter holidays. You can dress the baby in Christmas clothes, Santa suits, Christmas themed bodysuits or Christmas dresses. You will be able to take pictures that you can admire for a long time, and if you go to visit or receive guests, everyone will adore the little one. There is something magical when a little baby wears clothes that match the festive spirit of the winter holidays.

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baby santa claus costume

For the First Christmas, we recommend cotton overalls and bodysuits with the inscription "first Christmas" on the chest, along with Christmas floral ornaments and Santa's face. Parents, godparents or grandparents can choose to give the little one a Santa costume as a gift. See in our offer the LUX rayon model for boys, which contains a red coat with fur on the sleeves and collar, a Christmas hat and red pants. For little girls, we have prepared wonderful Christmas dresses. Just imagine how beautiful your miracle will look next to the tree, next to the Christmas balls, in these beautiful clothes.

Macrame socks, red coats for girls, red shoes and boots with Santa and many others are also part of the First Christmas collection.

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baby christmas dress

Clothes Gift sets

Are you thinking of preparing a practical and beautiful Christmas gift? You must see our specially designed gift sets. When you choose a set, you know that the pieces match each other and you no longer need to think about whether one item of clothing works well with the other. You make a single order and receive several pieces suitable for the little one.

baby gift set

If you are the godparents of a child, you can find with us a lot of complete sets of special clothes for the cold season, to give them as a gift. Also, grandparents can give Santa beautiful clothes for children, complete sets with pants, jacket and hat, overalls and hat with the same model, gift set for girls with skirt, blouse, tights and hoodie.

If you are visiting for Christmas and there are children there, don't forget to prepare a wonderful gift. Easily order a complete set of clothes for boys or girls and the children, as well as the hosts, will be delighted by the surprise.

Red Condor Tights, Red Stockings, Red Scarves, Red Hats

girls tights

Accessories cannot be missing from the little one's wardrobe. That's why, when you order from us, you can add to your basket red Condor tights, red stockings ideal for Christmas, red scarves that will keep the little ones warm and red hats that go perfectly with the winter holidays, with the tree and decorations season.

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Christmas red boots, Red shoes

Santa's Red Boots

A Christmas outfit for children is not complete if it does not include red boots or shoes. Even if the baby can't walk yet, he will be curious and delighted to discover the wonders of the boots that dress his feet. But, maybe you want a nice gift for a baby who starts to walk or takes his first steps, when he is held by the hand. Again, whether it's a girl or a boy, you can choose a pair of red shoes like Santa's traditional outfit.

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For big girls elegant dresses Abel & Lula, PembeKelebek

Our collection of Christmas clothes also includes elegant dresses for older girls, who are already doing pirouettes, adding colored balls to the tree, reciting poems or singing carols. These very elegant and suitable dresses for Christmas can be worn on Eve, on holidays, when you go on a visit or when you receive guests. They are also suitable for girls who go to kindergarten. One thing is certain: they will look like dolls in their new Christmas outfits.

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elegant dresses for girls

These are the most beautiful Christmas themed clothes for kids. Order now to receive the package on time and place the beautiful gifts under the tree. Live a magnificent Christmas together with your child who is not even 1 year old, together with older children who walk and look curiously at the Christmas tree or sing carols, dance while eating orange cookies, browse Christmas books and I already fill the quiver with fond memories of Christmas, from home. That's right - for memorable memories, offer themed children's clothes and help them spend the winter holidays as beautifully as possible.