Update your child's wardrobe for Easter

You know, tradition says that at Easter it is good to renew yourself, because in this way a period of luck and abundance will await you. Maybe many of us still have this tradition kept in our hearts if we remember that our parents used to buy us something new for Easter, usually new and clean clothes, which we wore even on Resurrection Night or to church on the Second Resurrection .

popular children's clothes Easter-eggs-children

Easter is a celebration of renewal, light and hope. Therefore, the tradition of new outfits is a beautiful one that deserves to be carried on. Therefore, this year we encourage you to choose a new costume for your child, regardless of his age. With us, you can find so many beautiful clothes ideas for the little ones , that it is impossible to stay cold.

new Easter clothes for children

Traditional Easter clothes for children

In some areas of the country there is even this beautiful tradition that the little ones (and the big ones wear) Easter costumes or popular dresses.

popular dresses for girls

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing small children dressed in folk costumes, knocking eggs, lightly holding a lighted candle in their hands and marveling at the beauty of this unique Christian holiday... the most important in fact for Orthodox Christians.

traditional costumes for boys

Formal dresses for Easter

The most coveted by mothers and little girls are the ceremony dresses. They have light, pastel colors, like the new light of the Resurrection. After a long fast and a great Black Week in the Christian Church, on Easter it is fabulous to see how everyone wears white clothes, light in color, to welcome the Good News: that Christ is risen. Choose from here ceremony dresses for girls between 2 and 12 years old, and they can be worn with joy on Easter days, at the sharing ceremony, at the celebration of the Easter meal, when you go on a visit or when you receive guests.

Ceremonial costumes for Easter

For boys between the ages of 2 and 12, we have prepared some absolutely gorgeous costumes for the Resurrection Night, for the Easter services at the Church, for when you go to visit or wait for guests to enjoy together the Easter meal, so enriched. These suits are elegant and will transform any young man into a real knight that will be admired by everyone. But, what is equally important, is that the little one will learn and feel from now on the meaning of the Easter renewal tradition, and these memories will remain forever in his memory.

Girls' shoes for Easter

Easter falls towards the end of spring, this year just before the last month of spring, and this means a good opportunity to change the shoes of the little one. Put the cold season boots in the closet or in the closet and dress the little feet with patent shoes, comfortable shoes with a barrette, extremely beautiful leather shoes, light and easy to wear.

We have a lot of refined shoes for girls, ballerina type, with barrettes, red, pink, white, cream or black, with discreet, sparkling bows or with pleasant textures.

Boys' shoes for Easter

If you have a boy, choose a new pair of shoes for him for Easter and you will surely put joy on his face. We offer you elegant navy blue patent leather shoes, comfortable shoes for the first steps, more formal, casual or sports, flexible, easy to put on suede shoes, moccasins, etc. Choose the shoes according to the outfit you have prepared for Easter.

These were our suggestions for new Easter clothes. We hope that it will delight you, inspire you and that you will also choose to carry this beautiful tradition forward: that of wearing new clothes on the Holy Feast of the Resurrection, where the metaphor of the Old Man and the New Man is so beautifully spoken about in the Church.

We wish you a Happy Easter, with Light and Joy!