Annebebe christening clothes versus other clothes on the market

After the Christian holiday of Easter, more and more families and pairs of parents established together the important event of a child's baptism. Therefore, starting with May, baptisms will flourish in the Christian Orthodox Church. Although there are still unpleasant restrictions and limits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the weather is beautiful, the events are unique and with good organization you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones, you can capture the most beautiful photos in the album of baptism of the child.

Today we set out to list all the advantages of the Annebebe christening clothes , a unique concept for small children who are going to be christened in the Orthodox or Catholic church. We firmly believe that the christening clothes that we manufacture in our own Annebebe workshop are clearly superior in terms of quality, elegance and style to other alternatives that you can find on the market.

Advantages Annebebe christening clothes

  • here you can find christening clothes for boys, but also for girls
  • christening items can be personalized
  • all our christening products are matched
  • it's easy to find with us the clothes and the kit with the same theme
  • we offer a unitary, exceptional design
  • our christening clothes have only cotton inside, the most natural choice for babies' skin
  • our attention to details is so demanding that our clothes do not have internal seams that could touch the baby's skin and cause him discomfort
  • we have the most beautiful elegant christening clothes, ceremony dresses and christening costumes for boys
  • our offer is constantly updated with new models of clothes for baptism; if you are looking for fashionable clothes for the baby who is about to be christened, you will surely find something you like with us
  • we work with our own stocks, all Annebebe clothes are manufactured in our workshop
  • we work with large stocks of goods, which allows us to fulfill many orders for baptism clothes for boys and girls, regardless of the season
  • with us you can find christening clothes for summer or winter
  • because we know how important it is to avoid running, with us you can also find elegant shoes, easy to match baptism clothes for boys and girls
  • Annebebe stylists are extremely passionate about what they do, very dedicated and attentive to quality. For us, quality occupies the first position
  • in addition to the most beautiful christening clothes for children, we offer matching kits, with candles, christening chests, cotton towels, a bottle of myrrh
  • we have baptism clothes suitable for any age of the child who is usually baptized (0 - 2/3 years)
  • Annebebe clothes are made in Romania, with care, respect for parents and grandparents, lots of love for the little ones
  • an extremely varied offer of clothes for baptism. Yes, you have a choice every time.
  • we offer affordable prices and fast transport, under advantageous conditions.

We hope that all these strengths will convince you to choose what is best for the baby you are going to baptize. Hundreds of parents and godparents choose us for baptism clothes and baptism kits, and this honors us and makes us responsible. We are still committed to offering exceptional quality at affordable prices.

With love for children, parents and grandparents,

The Annebebe team