What difficulties do parents face in 2020?

The life of parents has been one of the most difficult "jobs" until now. It was a common thing for a parent to work 24/7 for their child, to have no privacy or time with their own person and for the mundane activities that were not missing until the baby was born.

The parents were planning with the greatest enthusiasm the birth of the child and his christening, but everything took an extremely unpleasant turn when the Covid pandemic set in, when businesses were closed and millions of events around the world were cancelled.

Any parent who currently has at least one child fondly remembers all the fuss from the baptism , the preparations, all the efforts, the magical day when the little one officially received a name. Today these things are postponed until next year, but next year it is not known how many of us will still be standing and how many will have the availability to organize such a large-scale event, from which none of our loved ones will be missing . And it is in our nature to feel that a weight is pressing on our shoulders, a test that we do not know if we will ever overcome it and if we will see the world with the same eyes.

The pandemic puts us all under a big question mark, because communicable diseases have existed until now and will continue to exist. On the surface, things don't seem so serious when the elections are in full swing, when the parliamentarians campaign without protective masks or when they go from house to house handing out electoral brochures. However, we must keep our distance out of love for our neighbor.

And the very desire to have a child these days, to share the same blood and the same last name, turns in this context into an overwhelming worry for any parent.

What hardships are trying to parents in 2020

The fear of partners and the decrease in the birth rate

Specialists say that the increased degree of transmission of the virus and the risk of exposing ourselves to a cruel and irreversible disease make most people afraid of social relationships. Even if the Internet facilitates meeting and making new friends, relationships and families are connected offline. And a very serious thing is that this could lead to a decrease in the birth rate. Even some parents might consider abortion more than ever, for fear that the little one in the womb will not be affected or for fear that they will not have anything to raise their children with.

Family breakup

The distance that is imposed, the contact of children with other children or family members with other people, can make the family members see themselves with different eyes, as a source of infection that could end their lives. And this is one of the worst.

Not to mention the stress of a parent who has to spend time at home with the child non-stop (even for online school) and the stress of the other parent who has to secure his job to provide the family with all the necessary. The abolition of jobs can be a real problem for any family and a reason for separation.


The partial or total limitation of access to various public places that until now were a source of relaxation or education can lead to depression, because even parents no longer have the opportunity to release their frustrations and negative thoughts. And the children end up feeling awkward, deprived of the joys of life that we also had, of freedom, of knowledge. Every parent is afraid that their child will not have that childhood and the access to a chosen education that will transform him into a successful person. There is also the fear that, due to the development of technology and information, parents will not be able to help their children materially or intellectually and will have the feeling that they have failed in raising the child.

And all this can end by triggering the onset of depression, the decrease of self-esteem, by the appearance of vast imbalances with irreparable effects.

Hope remains

We are all afraid that we will be left without jobs, that we will never be the same again! The only thing left to us now is hope.

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