Will you be baptized in the summer of 2021? Here's what you need to know

The Baby Room has been with you for many years, at the most significant moments in the child's life. Continuing to be close to you, we thought it would be appropriate to help with a practical and useful guide for organizing baptism in pandemic conditions.

We specify that in this article we will develop unique ideas even for the most skilled organizers, considering the current situation, which limits us in the development of the traditional program of events.

So, how will baptism take place in the pandemic of 2021? What are the main rules, trends? What does the law tell us?

How do we keep calm and lovingly prepare for the smallest and biggest details of the little one's christening? How do we synchronize to create harmonious and wonderful moments from all points of view?

We will answer all these questions below.


Essential steps for each stage of the baptism day


As the traditions are so diverse, in each area of ​​Romania (especially throughout Europe), we will mention the generalized steps, valid in all counties:

Godfathers and estates

The parents of the little one visit the godparents and estates in order to ask them to be present at the baptism. Most do this step with snacks, gifts or cakes, cake. If the godparents and estates have children, in their turn, then we don't forget to offer them attention as well (gifts depending on their age).

Accepting the proposal, the godparents and estates will take care of the following responsibilities:

The parents bring the candles.

According to tradition, they should have fine colors, decoration with flowers, every detail incorporating the meaning of light and goodness. In our store you can find a wide range for both boys and girls. The most original models, full of refinement, can be found here

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The godparents also take care of the baby's kit and outfit.

The rope must contain the following elements: cloth, bottle of myrrh, towel, mask, box/chest.

Likewise, there are complete, assorted and customized kits, so that you don't have to take care of each individual element.

Browsing the Baby's Room you will discover kits for boys and girls, with the entire outfit (suit/dress, accessories, shoes, coat, candles, towels of various sizes, bottle of perfume, etc.).

When purchasing them, you must also take into account the cutting of the motto, respectively: scissors, the box to keep this memory.

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As you can see, we have unique, carefully crafted, silver-plated boxes of various shapes, including a train, so you will be able to save even the first fallen tooth.

In some counties of Romania, there is

the tradition of two outfits, that is, the parents dress the child up to church, and the godparents dress him after christening, when he is taken out of the holy water.

Regardless of the situation, our models will match, based on pastel and fine shades.


The godparents and the parents will discuss all aspects together, they will help each other, so that nothing important is left out, especially considering that they will also come to visit, the next day for the wedding.

The following purchases will be necessary for the baby's bath (some of them can be bought by the parents): bathtub, soap, shampoo, massage oil, soft and white cotton clothes, towel, bathtub support, gauze, etc.

The parents

The responsibility of the parents is the party, hospitality, interior design, restaurant (if applicable).

Since ancient times there has been the tradition of the feast, only that it has evolved a lot and taken various forms, depending on the locality/country, even the family.

At the present time, everyone uses the services of local restaurants, they no longer opt for the option of having a party in the courtyard of the house (although it does not seem to be an old-fashioned idea, if it is properly organized, we will develop this below in trends).

Thus, the parents will determine the menu, the decor, the music (dj, speakers, vocalists, etc.), photo and video services, teddy bears, dancers, singers, etc.


Organization, trends and the law regarding the coronavirus (Covid) 2021


In order to enjoy anything in this life, it is necessary to eliminate stress!

We know the pressure of time, but it would be preferable to concentrate on the notion of time and establish a list of priorities.

The list of priorities has saved many people from deadlocks, because it will help you solve the most important tasks first, then the rest minuscule, when there is free time.

So, dear parents, accept the help and give up the idea of ​​"I do everything so that it turns out perfect", perfection does not exist because we humans are subjective beings.

Therefore, share the responsibilities with the family, which is willing to help you, and you take care of the bills that fall to you, plus time and attention to the little one.

As you know, the new bans for the protection against the Covid19 virus brought us an extra layer of security, but currently the events are allowed, according to the legislation in force, only under certain conditions.

The conditions vary depending on the locality, the measures being taken depending on the number of confirmed cases, the number of deceased people (per day/week/month).

But it is certain that a baptism is organized with a limited number of people inside and outside.

Given the fact that a larger number is allowed outside, this can be a solution to have all your loved ones with you, from both spouses

That's why the idea of ​​christening in the yard is becoming a trend, in addition it can be a luxury if the decoration, the weather outside will be in harmony with the look of the baby, with the state of happiness and goodwill.

If you live in a big and beautiful house, with a spacious, green garden, even with a swimming pool, then why complicate yourself with reservations in other spaces?

Bring the chefs and the waiters to you, enjoy colorful platters, colorful sun and sunset, green grass, floral decoration, electrical lighting installations, aristocratic candles in the middle of the table...there are so many ideas to develop.

Starting with May 15, the restriction regarding isolation in the house after 10 pm will no longer be valid, so it will not be a problem to move guests from one point to another. It seems that the situation is going well and this is an additional reason to enjoy the vacation, to have fun.


We hope from the bottom of our hearts that we could help you with this article, we want both you and the children to be healthy, to enjoy this incomparably wonderful start for the family.

Long live your little Christian and we are waiting for you to share the story of the event with us, in comments/messages, this way you will inspire many parents, grandparents, grandparents.


We love giving! 💕