• Restrictions for the organization of baptism
  • New mothers forced to social distance, in a moment of maximum vulnerability
  • Limited interactions between babies, families, friends
  • A health system focused +90% on a virus for which there is no antidote, which you feel you must avoid to avoid the risks of infection
  • A huge responsibility for your baby

How does life beyond COVID-19 begin?
With hope and trust
Because despite the chaos caused by this virus, life continues its meaning.

August: Special Offers for the Baby Room

We know that it is a very trying time for you and your baby.
You woke up overnight with a small child by your side, in an uncertain world.
You are forced to drastically reduce the huge list of guests at the baptism, to force yourself to be even more careful with the baby's hygiene, especially when you leave the house.
You cannot meet freely and share experiences as a new parent with the other parents in the park.
If your child has already learned to walk and run towards the other children, you must find the strength to stop him and limit his interactions.

It seems difficult for you. Rightly.

It's true, you can't control the chaos now established in society, but you can control the home environment in which your child grows up.
So, make it a story space, safe, serene, calming, away from the Corona madness outside.
We want the babies born during the pandemic to have a story room, a space of trust, to connect with their parents, a beautiful and favorable space for their harmonious growth in the first stage of life. That's why, in August, we offer you new discounts for the essentials in your baby's room .

Discover below all the special promotions for the month of August and make the best choices for the well-being and comfort of your chicken.

Discounts Baby Bed Sets

The most important thing you have to do in arranging the baby's room is to choose comfort elements that will make the little one smile, be happy, feel protected and safe.

You already know: the crib is the piece of resistance in the child's room and the place where your baby will spend a lot of time in his first years. Therefore, in creating the perfect space for the little one, the crib has a special role.

Now we offer baby bed sets with a 20% discount, to increase the comfort, elegance and safety of your little child. Just use the code SETURIPAT20 in the shopping cart. Regardless of the furnishing theme that you have already chosen or that you are thinking about during this period, with us you will find creative ideas that will make your choices easier.

[product title="BABY BED SETS" limit="8" cols="3" cols_mb="12" autoplay="true" autoplaySpeed="6000" infinite="true" arrows="true" dots="false" 1024 ="3" 600="2" 480="2" layout="layout2" handle_collection="baby-bed-sets" style="jas_default" vendors="false" countdown="false" countdown_style="dark" equal="true" size="nt_cover" ratio="ratio_nt" position="8" ]

If you have already found out that you will have a girl, you will most likely want to browse our offers of sets in shades of pink or immaculate white. If you are preparing to give birth to a little prince and you think it is a good idea to go with the classic version, we invite you to see the bed linen sets with blue bed guards from Fiocco or Nanan . Of course, if you want to break the patterns, you can opt for baby bed sets in cream shades, harmoniously woven with white. All sets present discreet, sweet, tasteful and 100% safe decorative elements.

Baby bed linen at a reduced price

How to choose the right bed linen for your baby?

We tell you. First of all, make sure that the underwear is made of a material compatible with the delicate skin of the small child: breathable, natural, pleasant to the touch, absorbent. Beyond comfort and protection properties, choose aesthetically pleasing bed linen. As you and your baby will spend a large part of the time near the crib dressed in clean linen, the whole decoration can instill a sense of well-being in both of you. Certainly, the linens for the crib are an important detail in setting up a magnificent space, similar to the one you will read to your child about in his first book of stories with fairies, princes and princesses.

In August we offer you special prices for baby bed linen. Discover now Puccio Bleu children's bedding , Nanan, bedding sets with crib protectors, 3-piece bedding set with sewn decorative elements, the most beautiful complete collections in modern and pastel colors. Use the discount code LENJERII15 in the shopping cart.

Robes, Towels, Baby Bath Accessories - on sale now

The moments you will spend with your baby at bath time will be memorable. If at the beginning you will treat this activity with the utmost meticulousness and rather with attention to technical details, very soon you will learn to connect with the little one in a unique way. Your natural care, smile and love will easily overshadow the fear of making a mistake and in the end you will manage to transform the bath time into a time of quality, comfort, connection. In order for everything to run smoothly, make sure in advance that you have the necessary things at hand.

For this reason, in the month of the oven we offer you an extra 20% discount on baby robes, hooded towels and bathroom accessories.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothing Discounts

Hey, we know some great things about organic cotton that we want to share with you. Organic cotton is gentle on the sensitive skin of the little one. By the way, do you know that a baby's skin is 5 times thinner, more absorbent and more sensitive than an adult's skin?

Because organic cotton is soft and without chemicals, the risks of the little one developing skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies, are considerably reduced. Then, because cotton always keeps its natural state, it is antimicrobial and does not mold. When the little one eats the skin, he automatically becomes restless. By opting for organic cotton clothes, you will maximize the comfort of your wonder.

With love and care for babies born during the pandemic or forced to spend the first months of their lives in conditions of social distancing, in August we have special offers for organic cotton clothes. Use the code ORGANIC15 in the shopping cart.

Special Offers Children's Tricycles

Order or pre-order children's tricycles in August and get a 10% discount. Our offers include tricycles in various colors, with sun protection, ergonomic handle, front and rear baskets for storage, bumper, comfortable seat.

The tricycles we offer are perfect for going to the park with your little one and helping him discover the world little by little. Have you noticed how curious the eyes of small children are and how they absorb every movement? They are fascinated by human girls. Help them learn about the outside world little by little, and in this endeavor a multifunctional tricycle will be of real help.

Electric cars for children

Electric cars delight children because they are interactive, invite them to play, allow them to move and have fun, being like dad and mom driving a real car.

The electric cars we recommend are the ideal gift for children over 3 years old and are so solid that they can be used for a long time, until the little one reaches the 30 kg threshold. Make your child happy and order him an electric car in August. You have a 15% discount in the shopping cart, if you use the code MASINUTE15.

Reduced prices Photo frames and Molded frames

Keep alive these unique memories from the first years of your baby's life. It will be so nice to show them to him in a few years or to touch them yourself and lift the lid of nostalgia to live a little more of the magic of these very special moments.

We invite you to browse the offers in the Mold and photo frames category to discover frames with double fingerprint, box for baby's memories with fingerprint, baby fingerprint kit, special photo frames with fingerprint. Don't forget: now you have an extra 20% discount.

[product title="KEEP YOUR MEMORIES ALIVE" limit="8" cols="3" cols_mb="12" autoplay="true" autoplaySpeed="6000" infinite="true" arrows="true" dots="false" 1024 ="3" 600="2" 480="2" layout="layout2" handle_collection="mould-and-photo-frames" style="jas_default" vendors="false" countdown="false" countdown_style="dark" equal="true" size="nt_cover" ratio="ratio_nt" position="8" ]

Special offers on mother's accessories and stroller accessories

You already know: when you feel good and have a positive state, you transmit all these feelings to your child. He simply feels you. There is a connection there that you can't see, but that you both experience. When you are restless, the child is often agitated and cries. When you are beaming with joy, your child is your mirror and others tell you: What a good child you have!. In fact, the child is as you tell him that he can be.

That's why, to encourage you to take care of yourself, to feel comfortable, to always be prepared and to find the baby bottle, pacifier, napkins or changing diapers at any time, we offer you an extra 20% discount on accessories for mothers. Order the elegant and extremely practical maternity bag , multifunctional pillow for mothers, storage bags or thermal slippers for you.

Sleeping bags - the best deals

Is your baby hard to calm down for bedtime, is he very agitated and cries a lot because he can't rest properly? We recommend you to try a sleeping bag . These elegant, warm, comfortable bags have proven to be a saving invention for many parents. The child finds peace in this bed, feels more protected and sleeps better.

If you want a sleeping bag for your child, order your favorite model in August and get a 30% discount.

Night lamps and lamps - order at a reduced price

The diffused light calms your baby and makes him feel at home. We know you want to offer the best to your child and that's why we offer you 20% Extra Discount for any night light from our collection. All these lamps and bedside lamps are specially created for the baby's room: they are cheerful, decorated with fairy-tale characters, emit a warm and pleasant light (not tiring or too loud for small eyes).

Extra discount on thermal dolls and toys

Tell me the first word that comes to mind when you think of childhood. It's most likely toys or play or game (if it's something else, it's definitely related to toys and play in one way or another). This is because toys are indispensable in a perfect child's room. And as we set out to help you create that epic space for your child, we invite you to choose a gorgeous textile doll, a zodiac doll or even a vanilla baby?

What is a vanilla baby ? It is a charming doll, specially designed to stimulate the senses and emotions of small children.

[product title="BABY AND CHILD DOLLS" limit="8" cols="3" cols_mb="12" autoplay="true" autoplaySpeed="6000" infinite="true" arrows="true" dots="false" 1024="3" 600="2" 480="2" layout="layout2" handle_collection="baby-and-children-dolls" style="jas_default" vendors="false" countdown="false" countdown_style="dark " equal="true" size="nt_cover" ratio="ratio_nt" position="8" ]

Most likely, your child will have a lot of toys over time, but the reality shows that an overwhelming percentage of children remain emotionally attached to a special doll; sometimes it's even the first doll.

Whether you're choosing your first doll now, or whether you're adding a show toy to your child's life, discover the most beautiful models and enjoy the 30% discount you get in August.

With love, love and good thoughts for children and parents,