We are delighted to offer you good news, and this time it is about our new Final Sale discount campaign, with amazing prices on hundreds of products. It has already started and ends on February 15. We have prepared a lot of special offers for the furniture in the baby's room, clothes, toys, dolls, babynests and baskets for the little ones, kits and christening accessories.

Its finale with attractive discounts for parents, grandparents and godparents

When you have a child in your life, it's as if your heart is fuller. You don't have time for yourself like before, but every time you look into the eyes of the little one, you realize that it doesn't matter. Now you enjoy innocent moments, playing and playing, you have new plans, you dedicate yourself to the little one and try to be the best parent possible. You are more careful with everything you buy for your child because you realize that this is part of your responsibilities. The choices you make now for him are important in his growth and development, for his safety and comfort.

That's why we've prepared a lot of offers with attractive prices for dozens of products for babies and small children.

- Up to 65% discount on baby furniture

baby furniture

You just found out you're pregnant, you just came from the second semester ultrasound, can the baby be born at any moment or was he rushed into the world and his room isn't ready? You can buy furniture for your baby from us. The pieces we offer are of high quality, made of 100% safe materials for babies, ergonomic, functional, beautiful and innovative. We have standard cots for babies, cosleeping cots, dressers and changing tables, wardrobes and cabinets for miniature clothes.

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- Up to -20% Nanan furniture and accessories

Nanan furniture and accessories

The Nanan brand stands out for its quality and aesthetics. We chose to include the furniture and accessories of this brand in our offer precisely because we knew the quality of the products offered. The finishes are exceptional, the models are innovative and fit perfectly into modern homes and children's story rooms today. They are made with care, for the safety and comfort of the little ones, but also for the parents' peace of mind.

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- Up to 20% discount on baby baskets

baby basket discounts

We are super excited about these baskets for the first days and months of your baby's life. They look wonderful (with a vintage feel), they are comfortable and help you quickly prepare a warm and comfortable place for your baby. The baskets are woven, they have cakes and a comfortable mattress.

discounts for baby baskets 2

- Up to -15% babynest


We recommend such a bassinet for your baby, so that you know it is safe when it sits on the bed or when you go on a trip and you want to easily find a place for it to sleep. Babynests are made in the Annebebe workshops, they have reinforcement on the edge, for good protection and a comfortable mattress. We have a lot of beautiful models, for boys and girls, but also unisex.

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- Up to -35% discount girly dolls

girl dolls

Little girls' favorite toys are definitely dolls. Come see what wonderful dolls we have included in our offer. Because the discounts reach up to -35%, now you have an extra reason to order a special doll for your little girl, for your little one or for the little girl of your friends or relatives.

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- Up to -20% baptism gifts

baptism gifts

If you are looking for baptism gifts, we will surprise you until February 15, with discounts of up to -20%. We have silver boxes, frames for photos, cases for birth certificates and many other wonderful gift ideas that can be given with love during the christening event of a child.

For baptismal articles click HERE .

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- Up to -20% baby toys

baby toys discounts

Offer him quality toys from the first days of life. Children learn by playing and playing, and these toys that we propose are specially designed to stimulate the creativity and intelligence of babies, to make them grab, handle, listen, learn to coordinate their movements.

- Up to -30% children's shoes


You can also order children's shoes from us - slippers, shoes, boots, boots. Many models are elegant and special, for photo sessions, beautiful events and other occasions.

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- Up to -50% baptism clothes and accessories

discounts on baby items

There is already a tradition in our creative workshop, for making christening clothes for girls and boys. There are dozens of models you can choose from. The new christening clothes fit into certain themes, they are created from quality and comfortable materials, carefully sewn, without accessories that could represent dangers for the little ones. We have many items in this category with up to 50% discount.

Here are some beautiful things and advantageous prices waiting for you in the camerabebelusului online store. Take advantage of these final discounts until February 15 and bring something new and beautiful into the life of your child, your son or daughter-in-law or another child who is taking the first steps in life.