Find out the story of the BabyOno brand

BabyOno has easily become a globally recognized brand through cute toys and accessories that help little ones discover the world through play.

Thus, the brand offers numerous items that parents and children's relatives can easily afford, becoming the perfect gift for children of all ages.

BabyOno toys and accessories have an innovative design and offer a plus in terms of education, even from the youngest ages, successfully turning into your little one's best friends.

BabyOno's story

BabyOno was born in 1990, being a respectable brand on the market of accessories for babies and developing children.

The company wanted from the very beginning to come to the aid of mothers with innovative and safe solutions, which would contribute to setting up a story room for young children, either at the unique moment when the children are playing or when the parents contribute to their delicate hygiene.

The brand's focus is on reliability, on solutions that help save precious time to spend with our children, as well as on quality accessories that fully meet the global needs that children and parents meet.

BabyOno holds more than 10 precious distinctions in terms of quality, comfort and design, at the European level, so that you too have the guarantee that you are constantly investing in the best items for your child.

The brand uses non-toxic, soft to the touch and durable materials, ensuring the smooth operation of a sustainable company, with a tradition on the market of children's accessories, participating and collaborating permanently with numerous maternity hospitals and specialists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

BabyOno accessories that encourage play, in the Baby Room

As a united team focused not only on building a trusted brand for parents and people in our community, but also on creating a magical and memorable universe, we enjoy every time we have contact with top brands and when we bring happiness and peace on the lips of our customers.

That's why we introduced in our portfolio the accessories of the BabyOno brand, which delighted us with its vast experience on the market, as well as with the care it offers in the creation of each individual item.

Thus, in our new portfolio you will find numerous articles dedicated to your little one, from hygiene accessories such as manicure sets and those intended for easy combing and untangling of hair, thermal bags for pacifiers and bottles ideal when you go with the baby at the doctor or on a walk, soft silicone orthodontic pacifiers that will not cause discomfort on sensitive teeth and gums, up to bamboo diaper sets, cotton towels.

You can also opt for numerous models of non-toxic and soft teething toys, to educational toys with sounds that will develop motor and manual skills, including toys with a friendly appearance that can be easily mounted above the baby's crib and that they will help the little one to have a quieter sleep or relaxation period, through which he will discover the magical world around him day by day.

Therefore, we invite you, big and small, to build the universe of childhood together with the Baby Room and the wonderful world of BabyOno. You will find on our online page a category dedicated to all BabyOno toys and care accessories, so that you can easily find, through a simple search, all the necessary items that suit you.