One of the most important things you buy when you are going to have a baby is definitely a special bed for him. It can have different sizes, it can be made of different materials, and it can also be of several types.

What types of cribs can you buy for your baby?

When you buy a crib for your baby, you have to consider some aspects such as:

  • The space allocated to the cot
  • How long you want to use it
  • The type of material desired
  • The place where you want to place it.

If you choose to place the baby's bed next to your bed, you can order a co-sleeping bed. It attaches to the adult bed, with the possibility of leaving one side down, so that when you want to breastfeed, everything is easier. As a rule, this type of crib is used until you breastfeed or until the baby no longer fits in it when it grows.

You can choose a folding cot or a wooden one, which you can place in the room with you, but not attached to your bed. Otherwise, you can place the crib directly in the baby's room if you have opted for this option since bringing the little one home. These types of cots can be used up to the age of 2 or even 3 years, as long as your child falls within the height and weight limits imposed by the cot manufacturer. Both variants usually have two or even three levels, each one being suitable at a certain time.

Why does a baby bed have several levels? What does it help you with?

Well, as I said in the previous lines, baby cots usually have two or three levels. Here's why..

In the first months after the birth of the little one, it is advisable to fix the crib on the highest step. This is a real help for you as a mother, because the recovery after childbirth can be more difficult, but also because fatigue takes its toll. Thus, it will be easier for you to lean over the cot.

This way, you make sure that you protect your back, but you also make a smaller and easier effort if you have an operation. As a rule, this level is used until your baby is sitting or standing up, because this way there is no risk of him falling out of the crib in any way!

After your child can sit in a sitting position or even stand up, it is extremely important to fix the crib on the lowest level. In this way, there is no risk of him getting out of the crib by himself, or even falling. It becomes easier for you to get out of the crib, and he can hold on to the edges to better explore various actions that he is able to do. While he is awake, you can leave one side down, in the case of wooden cots, or open the edge through which he can get out by himself, in the case of folding material beds.

What do you do with the crib after the baby no longer sleeps in it?

Around the age of approximately three years, the baby's crib is no longer as suitable for your child. It's time to buy him another bed, according to his age and needs, but at the same time you can find other uses for the old bed.

For example, you can use the crib as a playpen. You put various toys there for the little one, and he is free to have fun, safe from any danger.

Another option is to turn it into a toy. You can adapt a small slide, a canvas tunnel, or you can turn it into a pool with balls or a couch.