Find out how useful a co-sleeping crib can be for your baby

With the birth of a child, every parent wants to provide the little one with all the comfort he needs and the best for his health.

And the pieces of furniture chosen especially for his rest and recreation from the first days of life can influence his development.

That's why we are of the opinion that the choice of a baby crib should not be made randomly or in a hurry, taking into account both the needs of the little ones, as well as our wishes, the reliability of the crib, but also the durability.

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What are co-sleeping cots?

Pediatric specialists are of the opinion that babies also need their own space. The bond between parents and child is a special one, especially the one between baby and mother. With every moment when the mother feeds her baby, he nestles at the mother's breast where he feels her love, care, protection and security that she offers him.

And for parents who are not ready to temporarily separate from the child or do not have the opportunity to create their own room for the child, these co-sleeping cots are specially designed to allow them to be attached to the parents' bed. Practically, these cribs offer babies their own corner of rest, during which they can be permanently supervised by their parents.

Why have these cribs become so popular in recent years?

Ever since ancient times, when these cribs did not exist, parents developed a habit in which the apparent ritual of rest took place with the babies.

Most of the time, the babies were placed in the middle, between the parents, so that he would have contact with both and feel fully protected, and in case of need, each of the two parents could intervene. However, it was concluded that this practice, which still takes place nowadays, comes with numerous disadvantages for both the little ones and the big ones.

Beds limited in terms of dimensions not only do not offer children an adequate space for the little ones to develop freely, discover their senses and develop harmoniously, but also often limit the comfort of the parents. For fear of not doing any harm to the little one, parents often retreat to a piece of bed and rest may suffer. Or a series of unpleasant incidents may occur, on both sides.

Co-sleeping cots offer the possibility to both the little ones and the big ones, to be able to rest freely without worrying about the problem of space. And because these cots are provided with a tall frame, the little one will be completely safe at the same time, without the fear of falling out of bed, bumping, being hit, etc.

The advantages of Co-Sleeping cots

I mentioned some of the main advantages previously. It is no small thing for the little one to benefit from his own rest space, designed especially for him, offering at the same time harmony and peace to the parents.

But modern cribs also come with many other advantages. For example, they are made of a solid, durable wood, such as beech wood, which gives it a long resistance over time, and which is painted with water-based paint that does not emit toxic vapors that could degrade health. of the child.

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Also, there is a wide variety of sizes of these cots so that they can be easily adjusted according to the height of the adult bed.

They can be used connected directly to the parents' bed, but also independently. They are easy to assemble and at you can find such cots equipped with all the necessary accessories, from bed protection, mattress and even linen made of durable materials.

At the same time, their mechanism is specially designed to ensure the child an optimal position and a harmonious development of the spine, the support can be adjusted to prevent the reflux of the child after breastfeeding, and the wheels equipped with locks allow you to place the cot anywhere in the house and fix it on position.

If we made you curious, here are some suggestions of cribs to introduce into your baby's life.

Cosleeping Erbesi cots

Erbesi cosleeping cots are part of the series of the most sought-after cots in recent years. These cots are extremely nice, with an animated design with fine finishes, made of beech wood so that you can enjoy them even after the birth of the second child.

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The bed frame on which the fluffy mattress is placed is adjustable in two positions, so that the little one has all the comfort he needs without the parents having to worry about how he will develop or the impact that an unsuitable crib can have on the body.

The Erbesi collection is provided with sliding sides that allow individual use, or a perfect adjustment in extending the bed starting from the first day of life and up to 5 years. Later, these cosleeping cots can be transformed into another piece of furniture and come equipped with a cabinet that can be used for easy storage of the baby's accessories.

You can purchase a simple Erbesi bed or you can opt for a bed set with mattress and linen included.

Cosleeping Azzura cots

The Azzura collection is not inferior either, being also a registered Italian brand, certified in terms of quality, durability and the safety it offers to the little ones.

There is no shortage of cots in warm, soothing colors, with the most pleasant and soft models, just like your babies.

At the same time, in the Azzura collection you will find the same sophisticated furniture made of durable wood, which has been painted so that the final result is pleasant and non-toxic.

Azzura cosleeping cots are provided with rounded edges that ensure the protection of the baby during sleep or while playing, 3 adjustable levels, and the complete packages have the anti-reflux and anti-suffocation mattress, the material from which they are made ensuring an optimal position, but also high security.

At you will also find the Azzura cot for twins, so that when happiness becomes infinite. Thus, the little ones will grow permanently together and will discover each other, day by day.

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