What is so special about Annebebe's christening clothes?

The market offers us many models of children's clothes, but, nevertheless, many of them leave you indifferent, as if they don't have that "something", as if they don't stand out in any way from the others. The mission seems to become impossible, when you think that you have to match in one way or another, so as not to create a stylistic, chromatic chaos. (When we say "matched", we do not mean that all the people present must be dressed in clothes of the same color.)

Well, at AnneBebe you can find over 100 models of dresses for girls and over 80 models of suits for boys, which were designed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

The pastel shades, the floral accent, the royal style, the chromatic harmony, the modern and current design, the assortment, which fits into any theme and the elegance of each item are just a part of the benefits of shopping with us.

Premium quality and beautiful variety

The other part is what really defines us - QUALITY and VARIETY.

Absolutely all the clothes have cotton on the inside, so that the delicate skin of the baby does not suffer from any condition. The exterior being so aristocratic thanks to the lace and the attention to fabric details, so that the girl feels like a princess, and the boy like a prince.

AnneBebe is a Romanian brand with an experience of 20 years, which works only with natural, tested, carefully selected fibers and which provides you with accessories matching the set you choose.

Thus, in a single set, you can benefit from everything you need: dress/suit, kit, candle. These being assorted, customized, with available sizes starting from 0 and up to 12 months.

The towels in the kit are also made of cotton, and the candles of wax.

Our brand takes care of its customers and feels the need to pleasantly surprise them, whenever the opportunity arises. Thus, we recommend you to follow our website, in order not to be late for updated promotions, discount codes, plus the " Plan&Save " offer.

At Annebebe you can find the most beautiful christening clothes, regardless of the season

We also take into account the season, in which you are going to organize the baptism of your little one. Since after the sun, the clouds come, we have prepared warmer sets, and separately we also have coats, boleros, jackets.

When you are looking for an exceptional look, we know that you would like to find, among the categories, the entire list of things that you plan to purchase, without paying dozens of deliveries, wasting time wandering around the city... So, we invite you to discover other details, apart from the baby's outfit: certificates, silver coins, gifts (in case you are the guest and not the parent), chests.

Thanks to our evolution, starting in 2001 with a simple sewing machine, we managed to collect numerous recommendations from the baptismal noses, positive reviews, loyal customers, gratitude.

You can find our store both physically (in several locations in Bucharest) and online, in both cases being able to benefit from a consultation, when you have any doubts.