3 bodies or 30? Here's how you can estimate how many clothes you need for your baby.

We know - it's hard to resist the temptation to add lots of baby clothes to your newborn shopping list. But, the truth is that babies grow fast and your child will need other sizes sooner than you expect.

However, it is also true that it will be very useful to have the right clothes at hand every time (especially given the episodes of regurgitation or changing diapers).

Two criteria that help you estimate the number of baby clothes

Here are two fundamental tricks that can help you estimate how many baby clothes you need in the first months of your child's life.

1. Think about how many times a week you will wash

This detail can make a big difference to the number of clothing items you need on hand. Below we list a list of essential clothing items for babies. If you wash once a week, we recommend that you multiply the number by 2. If you intend to wash every day, you can cut the suggested amount in half.

2. Don't ignore dimensions

You might be tempted to buy exclusively newborn baby carriers, but many babies grow quickly and need bigger carriers. Most newborns weigh around 3.6 kg, but if your baby weighs more at birth, it may not fit in the clothes you prepare for him.

That's why, when you buy baby clothes, choose a few items for newborns and then opt for sizes 0 - 3 months (this size will usually fit babies weighing 5.5 - 6 kg).

We invite you to browse our offers for baby clothes, for girls and boys, casual summer and winter clothes, as well as very elegant, delicate and special christening clothes.

And now here is the list.

What baby clothes do you need? - Full list

- 7 bodysuits

The bodies are kept loose, easy to wear during the summer and a base layer during the cold season. You can choose bodysuits with short sleeves or long sleeves for autumn-winter-spring. If you have 7 bodysuits and wash twice a week, you will always have clean clothes for your baby at hand.

Little trick: add a few t-shirts to the list to dress the baby in the first months, until the umbilical cord falls off (about 1-2 weeks after birth).

- 3 -5 pairs of trousers
Actually, babies don't really wear pants. But, if you have a few pairs at hand, you will be able to easily pull them over the body, to keep the baby's feet warm, when it is cold.

- two hats
Hats are important in the first weeks and months of life to keep the baby warm. In the cold season, go for a slightly thicker hat.

- 5 pairs of socks
Choose comfortable socks made of cotton, because the little one will feel good in them.

Little trick: Choose all socks of one color, so you don't have to waste time matching tiny socks. If the baby is born in a winter month, add two more warm pairs to the list.

- 2 - 3 cloth diapers
Cloth diapers are not actually baby clothes, but many small children feel well swaddled in the first months of life. Why? Because they feel like in the mother's belly. In addition, swaddling helps to avoid reflux episodes. Therefore, sometimes you will find that it is more comfortable for the baby to sleep with the disposable diaper wrapped in a cloth diaper.

Little trick: You can wrap the baby in a blanket or place him in a sleeping bag. Attention: if you choose to wrap the baby in a textile diaper or in a blanket, you must be very careful not to immobilize his legs. Watch a video with a correct swaddling method, by which the baby's hands sit nicely next to the body, the diaper closes at the top, and at the bottom it remains wide, enough to allow the little one to move his legs easily. If you choose a sleeping bag, it already has the right shape to allow the harmonious and healthy development of the baby, while offering it the comfort, warmth and safety it needs.

- 4 pajamas or overalls
These clothes are comfortable for playing time, but also for sleeping, especially in the cold season. For sleep, make sure that the baby's clothes are not too warm, too tight on him or too loose to make him feel uncomfortable.

Is your baby going to be born on a winter day?

- Put two sweaters/hoodies or cardigans on the list
Hoodies and cardigans are easy to put on and take off during the cold season.

- Two pairs of gloves
For the two hands, choose small, comfortable gloves, preferably tied together with a string, so that they don't get lost.

Little trick: Even if it's not winter, cotton gloves can prevent newborns from touching their face with their nails and scratching themselves.

- A winter/cold season coat or jacket
Children born in the cold season need at least one extra layer of warm clothing.

- Two pairs of shoes
In fact, babies don't need shoes until they start walking, but in the cold season a pair of boots or moccasins will keep their feet warm.

Are you expecting a child in the summer season?

- Put two small and thin beds on the list
The safest way to protect the baby from the sun is to keep it in the shade, but to avoid it being too hot, you can use a thin cotton blanket. Place the blanket on the stroller where the baby is.

- A sun hat
If the bassinet is not practical or the baby is a little bigger, you can choose a wide-brimmed sun hat that fits well on his head (otherwise, it will fall off). Choose an adjustable hat to fit your baby perfectly.

- Special outfits
Most likely, the christening clothes will be purchased and donated directly by the baby's godparents. But, if you have certain preferences, you can talk to them in advance to help them choose clothes that will suit the style you want. With a new baby in the family, special occasions will arise quite often. You can dress the baby in baptism clothes on Sunday, at church, when you go to share him, at photo sessions or other special occasions.

You can also choose 1-2 special outfits for your baby. It will be interesting to be able to take some beautiful photos to keep nearby in the family album or to share them with friends and relatives far away via social networks.

Choose the best for you and your baby

The list above is indicative and can give you some very good ideas about the clothes you should buy for your baby. But, in the end, depending on your lifestyle, budget and preferences, the number of items needed may vary slightly. The most important thing: take into account the season in which the baby is born and choose delicate clothes with the skin of the little one.

Finally, reserve the right to add to the list one or two more items of clothing that are not absolutely necessary, but are nice and suit your style. Do you look at baby clothes, cute baby boy costumes, doll-sized dresses and melt for them? Just wait and see how they come to your little miracle of life.

We remind you that we have reduced the prices on dozens of clothing items for babies, toddlers and older children so that you can check off everything you need from the shopping list for your little one's clothes. Come and choose something beautiful for your child.

Dear parent, future parent, godparent, grandparent or friend who is enjoying the birth of a small child. Do you need help choosing baby clothes? We are a call or an email away. Contact us! We will be happy to talk with you.