Hey mom, you've probably been waiting for spring :)

The burst of colors of the flowers, the first buds on the trees, the first leaves on the trees, the shy grass emerging and maybe even your baby's first walks in the park. You probably have emotions, but they will be lessened if you know exactly how to prepare to take your baby out for a walk. What is the right time? How do you dress it up? What if he's cold? Maybe he's too hot. Here's how you can prepare for the ride!

What aspects to pay attention to?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the air quality. If you live in the city, especially in a crowded city, you know that during peak hours, the air is more polluted. If you live in a rural or suburban area, keep in mind that in the spring it is possible for people to burn plant debris, and the smoke in the air is to be avoided not only by the baby, but also by adults.


Also related to air, great attention to pathogens. The flu virus is still found in the spring, and other pathogens specific to this period can also be encountered. That is why it is necessary to avoid crowded places, even if it is open air, to protect your baby.

Also keep the sun in mind. In the first six months of life, direct exposure of the baby to the sun is not recommended. Therefore, go for a walk at the right times and use the tarpaulin of the stroller to protect it from direct rays. After the age of six months, you can use a suitable sunscreen for babies, only on the exposed areas.

Also, make sure you have everything you need for your baby's comfort at hand: from diapers, toys, bottle if applicable, pacifier and wipes. Next, we will present you with other things that will be useful when you walk your baby in spring time.

What the pram bag should contain


You're probably wondering what your baby stroller bag should contain when you go for a walk in the park. Well, it must be equipped with various things that will ensure the comfort of both the baby and the parents.

The most important are diapers, of course. You already know how many diapers your baby will need during the time you will be at the park, but consider at least one extra because you never know what can happen. You must also have at hand a scoop for changing and wet wipes, along with special bags for used diapers. Then, take a change of clothes for the baby with you. Various accidents can happen and it is necessary to change the baby as soon as possible.

Bleu Maternity bag

Then, depending on the age of the baby and how it is fed, you should have some useful things. If you're breastfeeding, you won't need anything extra, maybe just breast pads for yourself. If the baby is fed with milk formula, then you will need a bottle, powdered milk and a thermos to prepare the meal on the spot. If the baby has passed the stage of diversification, you can also take the food for the table that he should eat while he is in the park.

Don't forget toys and books for the little one, to read and entertain him. You should also have other hygiene items for yourself, such as disinfectant wipes or a disinfectant gel, as well as plasters. Don't forget to take things for yourself too, like a bottle of water or tea, a snack, maybe even headphones to listen to your favorite podcast and relax while the baby sleeps.

Pink Maternity Bag

As you can see, the stroller bag is an essential accessory for parents, and careful organization of its contents can make a walk in the park a pleasant and stress-free experience for the whole family.

For example, you can choose a Pucio Nanan 12073A Pucio Textile Material Baby Stroller Maternity Bag. It is made of fabric, has a stylish look and features a pushchair handle. It also has a shoulder strap. The interior is compartmentalized so that all things are placed in order. On the outside it also has a pocket for small things.


Stroller blanket

Choosing the right blanket for your baby's stroller is essential for your baby's comfort and well-being during walks. The most recommended materials for blankets are wool and cotton, due to their advantages.

For example, wool blankets offer an excellent level of thermal insulation, keeping baby warm on chilly days. Wool also has the ability to regulate temperature, being a breathable material that avoids overheating. Choosing a blanket made of natural, non-allergenic wool can give your baby a pleasant and safe feeling.

Cotton blankets are also a popular option due to the fact that they are soft and breathable. Cotton allows air to circulate, thus preventing overheating, and its delicate texture is suitable for baby's sensitive skin. Cotton blankets are easy to maintain and can be easily washed, providing a practical solution for parents.

When choosing a blanket for your baby's stroller, it's important to consider the right size so that it fits perfectly in the stroller. Opt for natural materials, without chemicals or aggressive dyes, to avoid irritation of the baby's delicate skin.

For example, you can choose an Ivory Baby Stroller Mat Nanan 39510, suitable for both girls and boys. It has an adorable design and you will notice that it is very durable, considering that it is made of cotton. This is perfect for warm spring days.

Baby mat Ivory Baby Stroller

For little girls, you can choose a Girls Knitted Blanket, Pink with Fur, from Merino Wool, 9708 Leo King. This is ideal for slightly cooler days, considering that merino wool keeps very warm. On our website you can also find a blanket for boys, made of the same material, just as beautifully knitted.

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Girls Knitted Blanket

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So, if you're going to take your baby for a walk in the spring, keep our recommendations in mind!