How to use the changing table for babies?

We already know that moms are superheroes. And changing tables are one of the main accessories that modern moms pay attention to when a new baby comes into the world.

swaddled baby

Even if our mothers and grandmothers did not have such changing tables at their disposal in their time, it does not mean that they are a fad nowadays. On the contrary! These special tables help us make our lives easier and turn baby care into a simple pleasure, which facilitates our daily tasks.

Even if the use of these changing tables is by no means a philosophy, for mothers at the beginning of the journey, these tips on their use, which we will present to you today, can prove to be a real help. So here are some available changing table options and how to use them.

Changing tables and how to use them

If you intend to buy such a table first of all, we remind you that at the Baby's Room you will be able to find all the models that we will talk about today, but also all the necessities that your baby may need. The portfolio includes both pieces of furniture and special accessories for his room, as well as clothing items, maternity items, toys, christening items, etc.

All products are of the best quality, being made of durable materials, with cute and effective models, which correspond to European standards and the most extensive rules provided by pediatricians, out of love for your child. Here are the secrets of changing tables.

Tub with changing table

bathtub with changing table

If you are looking for a multifunctional piece of furniture that will also help you with changing your little one, you can opt for chests of drawers equipped with a tub and a changing table. In appearance, these hair cabinets are simple pieces of furniture, with a wooden body treated with water-based paint and a nice decoration, suitable for any child, regardless of gender.

The upper table is actually the changing table for the 0-6 month old baby, made of washable PVC. To enjoy this changing table, all you have to do is lift the top when you want to wash your little one, and then cover the tub by pulling down the changing table or attaching it to the upper part of the furniture (in the case of removable ones) ). You will find numerous practical chests of drawers from the Nanan brand, which you can match perfectly with the other elements and pieces of furniture in the room.

Erbessi changing table

And the Itian brand offers you the most pleasant and practical baby chests equipped with a changing table. For example, the Stella Design or Typpy Jolie chest of drawers are also equipped with an ergonomic tub, a compartment for storing washing accessories and a changing table made of soft material, which you can easily detach.

After you bathe the baby, you can choose to place the changing table easily above the cabinet or you can position it in the closest place of the room to dress him/her, so that the little one is not exposed to the cold air for too long. Thanks to the wheels in the composition, you can move the cabinet in the warmest room where you can turn the bathroom into a real pleasure. And the 3 drawers in the composition will help you store all the necessary things that the little one may need before or after the bath, the accessories being everywhere at hand so that you can finish the bath in the shortest time and prepare it for rest.

Azzurra changing table

azzura changing table

If the baby pampers himself after the bath and falls asleep at the speed of light, the changing table from Azzurra will be the ideal choice.

This changing table is provided with a side slot that allows you to position it at the end of the cot, positioning its edge next to the slot to fix it in position and detach it whenever needed.

This table has a size of 80 x 70 cm, being ideal both for small babies and for older ones or those in full development.

The support is made of beech wood treated with water-based paint, which gives it durability and ensures the health of the little one due to the fact that it does not emit toxic substances that the baby could inhale. Also, the changing table comes with a soft mattress that ensures an ergonomic position, which can be covered with a special cover to keep it better over time. However, the mattress can also be used as such by placing it on top of the support, after which you can wrap your baby and put him to sleep in his crib.

Changing tables with reinforcement

changing table with reinforcement

If you want a simple changing table, you can use the separate ones for the chest of drawers from Nanan or the ones provided with reinforcement. These changing tables allow you to easily associate them with the furniture you already own, namely with the baby's crib or with a chest of drawers.

Changing tables with reinforcement have the size of 50x80 cm, being ideal for bodies with a width of 70 cm. The sponge from which these tables are made is provided with a reinforcement that offers more comfort, the material being soft and pleasant for the baby, but also non-toxic thanks to the friendly materials from which they are designed.

Therefore, you will find numerous changing tables, simple or provided within a chest of drawers that also has a tub for bathing, which make the baby's hygiene easier than ever. The mechanism of use is just as practical, so that no mother at the beginning of the journey will face any problems in using them.