How the life of new parents and baptism changes during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic took the whole planet by surprise and starting from mid-March of this year it also affected our lives, the Romanians. All plans and objectives were changed or even canceled without mercy. We faced many sudden lifestyle changes due to the fight against the spread of Covid 19.

Unfortunately, not only the professional plans were adapted to the new conditions, but also the personal ones, because no event was allowed to take place in the conditions in which, before, they meant normality: with all friends and all the family together.

But if you can postpone a wedding, because you want to wait until you can do it as you planned, to postpone a birth is impossible! The child is not late to come into the world, and after his arrival follows a difficult period, but full of beautiful moments! Those magical moments that you dreamed of keeping in the form of the most beautiful memories, in the form of pictures and videos. The climax, the baptism party, will have to take place according to the new safety conditions.

Even if you can no longer enjoy visits from relatives and friends, parties with other parents and children, or an equally lavish christening, here are three suggestions from AnneBebe specialists, so you don't miss the most beautiful ones moments in the baby's life, even in a pandemic:

  • Choose the outfits for the Baptism you dreamed of, even if it will be organized in a small circle. You can send a special photo album to all those who should have participated, to enjoy the emotional moments with you;


  • Don't give up on baby photo sessions. Time passes quickly. Choose special outfits and take pictures in the yard of the house, or during outdoor activities, even if you go to a corner of the forest where there are only you;

At AnneBebe you will find a lot of dresses and costumes, made of natural materials, which look exceptional and are available at affordable prices. This dress in the shade of ivory will attract all the admiration, and the little girl will feel very comfortable wearing it.


  • Mark the important moments with objects dedicated to preserving beautiful memories , such as the photo frame with the imprint , which will always show you how small and sweet the palms or soles were

Article made by the team