The baby's skin and how sensitive it can be

When you see a newborn baby and you think it looks so small and fragile, you are not wrong! The little ones come into the world without an immune system yet developed and ready, ready to catch a cold at the slightest breeze. They also come with smooth and velvety skin, which you want to caress endlessly, but which is prone to irritation.

In the first months of life, you have to give babies a more special regime, because, because of their sensitivity, things that are normal for you, could hurt them. A special attention must be paid to the skin of the little one, so that it remains safe from the irritations that could occur, and you, as a parent, are safe from the sleepless nights due to crying, which these irritations could cause.

The baby's irritations can exist both on the face and on the body, and the factors from which they appear are very varied. Also, certain types of skin irritations can cause discomfort to the little one, while others do not.

To begin with, we will have to distinguish between two things, these being - baby acne and skin irritations.

How does baby acne manifest itself?

Regarding baby acne, this condition can appear quite often in newborns, but it is not something that should make you worry as a parent. It is characterized by the appearance of small pimples and redness, in the area of ​​the face, and, in the vast majority of cases, there are no complications to appear, acne not being painful for the little one.

Since baby acne appears due to factors that come "from within", such as the genetic predisposition to make pimples or the high activity of the sebaceous glands, there are no methods to prevent it. It is an often harmless condition, which can be improved by using the treatment recommended by the pediatrician or the dermatologist.

What are the baby's skin irritations and why do they appear?

Regarding skin irritation, on the other hand, it arises from external factors. The baby's skin is much more sensitive than that of adults and it is quite simple to realize this.

Besides the fact that the baby's skin is much thinner than that of an adult, it is also in a period of adaptation to the new world in which it appeared, the environment being completely different from the one in the womb. There are many differences in the skin between babies and adults - the PH is an example, in the first 3 months of life it is much higher.

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For all these reasons, things as normal as possible for adults could irritate the little ones. That is precisely why you must pay attention to many aspects, such as hygiene, the materials from which the child's clothes are made, the detergent you use to wash them, the shower gels and the oils used to bathe them. All these, and many other things, can cause skin irritation, but we will deal with them in more detail in the following lines, to know what to do.

The hygiene of the little one

Especially because of the existing Ph difference, the hygiene products for adults are not compatible with the skin of the little one. That's why, when you give him a bath, you will have to use only products compatible with his skin, specially created for babies. At the same time, you can even not use soap or shower gel for babies at all, but only plain, warm water.

Also, the little one's clothes will have to be washed before wearing, even if they are new, to make sure that there are no residues on their surface that irritate the skin. Also regarding the clothes, you should know that everything belonging to the baby will have to be washed separately from the clothes belonging to the adults in the house.

It is recommended to wash them at high temperatures, to destroy bacteria and with detergents that are friendly to sensitive skin. You must also make sure that the clothes are rinsed well and that after drying, they have been ironed, also to avoid bacteria.

The clothes you wear him with and the care he takes throughout the day

The baby's skin is thin and certain types of materials that surround it can cause irritation. Even after giving him a bath, you will have to wipe him with very soft towels , so as not to irritate the skin. At the same time, wiping is not done by rubbing the skin in an aggressive way, but by gently patting with a towel.

Also, because there are many situations for which the baby will sweat excessively, you must make sure that the clothes he has are made of materials that allow his skin to breathe, such as cotton.

At the same time, another frequent cause of irritation on the baby's skin is the way it is cared for during the day. You have to make sure that the little one's diaper is always changed on time, being recommended that instead of wet wipes, you only use warm, simple water to clean it.

The way you treat your baby's skin will definitely show. If you give her proper hygiene and treat her as delicately as she is, the risks of the little one getting irritated will be minimal. But, even if they appear, don't categorize yourself as a less good parent!

In some cases, the baby's skin can still get irritated. So, if this irritation persists, seek the advice of the pediatrician, who will be able to give you the necessary guidance to help the little one get rid of the irritation.