Baptism is a moment long awaited by parents. And, for sure, it is the same for you. It's just the crowning of the most important event in your life, yours as a family. The birth of the little one. And for this moment to be perfect, you must organize it carefully, down to the smallest detail.

   But it may happen that you don't know where to start. Should it be a classic baptism or one adapted to trends, impregnated with your personality? Conventional or unconventional decorations? At the restaurant or at home? With many or fewer guests? Classic service or buffet? Gifts for guests or not?

We will answer all these questions in the following lines, so I invite you to stay with us.

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Find out how to turn the day of baptism into a day that can hardly be forgotten.

It starts with planning the most beautiful moment of your life

Where do you celebrate, who do you invite, what theme do you choose, what do you offer the guests, how do you dress the little one, how do you dress and many other details of this kind.

     You will need an agenda in which to write down the steps you have to take, as well as a budget established from the beginning.

It starts with choosing the location. Would you like to organize the christening party at home, where you can feel at ease, in the presence of only a few guests? Or do you prefer a restaurant because you want to invite a large number of people to accompany you on your most important day as a family?

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You can choose the garden of your house or the garden behind the block, where you can place a tent. Of course, in this case, you could be surprised by curious and unknown neighbors whom you have to serve. So, take this aspect into account. It may happen that you run out of snacks.

Another aspect is the theme

You can choose a classic decoration with pastel tones, with many colored balloons, in different shapes, or you can choose an original theme, customized according to your preferences, but also the gender of the baby. You can come up with different creative ideas for unconventional themes that add extra charm to the party.

 The guest list follows. Of course important family members, close friends, colleagues have priority, but don't forget the most important people in the child's life. Think long term. Who would you like to be part of the little one's life? Who could be a role model for him? It can be your clergyman, it can be a family friend. Think about it together. It is important to invite people with whom you feel good. Because the atmosphere will be unique in this way.


     You will plan the gifts you offer the guests . How about giving up the classic gifts, if you want to be original? A gift idea can be a magnet with a biblical verse about baptism and a picture of the little one. Or it can be a little crucifix to which you can attach a piece of cloth colored in the shades of the theme.

You are going to send the invitations . That, of course, if you don't want to party alone. Have you thought that you can save significant amounts by choosing to create the invitation yourself in easy applications, such as Canva? In other words, you don't have to be a graphic designer to make a cute invitation. Choose a template that you can customize to your liking and go to a printing house or a photo studio that takes care of printing.

Afterwards, you have in mind the band that will entertain the guests, the clothes you will wear, the gifts you will give to the groomsmen, the choice of the photographer.

Buffet or classic meal?

You can choose a catering company if you organize the party at home.

A way to give interesting details to the baptism is a refined, original gastronomic alternative. We are not saying to offer the guests caviar or some kind of rare fish, but you can try original menus with incredible taste. You can surprise your guests with pastries for an aperitif, main dishes from certain cultures: Chinese, Mexican, Thai food, whatever. But beware, not everyone likes such foods.

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An idea that we don't often come across in Romanians is setting up a space for preparing cocktails. These drinks are like the icing on the cake, especially if you choose famous types, such as Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, etc. You may be asking yourself now "who will prepare them?" You can hire a specialist if the budget allows or you can ask someone to learn ahead of time.

For example, it can be a family guest or a friend who has a passion for this field.

Integrate original, atypical design elements

Imagine a space in which personalized, original design elements, with surprising visual accents, pleasant shades that relax the eye, songs that will tell your story, pieces that you will all enjoy.

All in a fairytale place where you, your partner, your baby and your guests dance and live intensely the most beautiful moments. Moments that will remain in your memory forever and that you will immortalize.

baby girl baptism party

        Here are some decoration ideas different from the ones you may be used to:

  • You can decorate in a retro style. Tables with a worn appearance, colored in shades of ivory, beige, white on which to place vases of flowers. If the party takes place in the garden, you can hang vintage photos on some strings hanging from the tree branches. A swing that carries guests into their childhood can be another cute idea. Glass bowls with scented candles are another characteristic element of this retro style.
  • You can decorate with warm light on each wall or hanging on the ceiling, from one end to the other.
  • Set up a space dedicated to the gifts received. It can be a place to place a themed carpet and a tent, for example.
  • Decorate with kraft paper elements in different shapes, created by you or your family.
  • Classic scented candles, in different shapes, or they can be with LEDs, so that you can sit without worries all day
  • Place arrows drawn by you with funny and useful elements at the same time to help the guests reach the place of the story, especially if the party takes place in a restaurant.
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Create unforgettable memories with these ideas

Divide the space into areas for adults, but also for children, because you will almost certainly have children among the guests. That is if you don't forbid the parents to come with the little ones, which we don't think you have in mind.

So think of interactive activities with games that involve all the guests.

         For children, you can set up a few tables with chairs. You can choose coloring books and pencils, lego pieces, puzzles and other games for several age groups. This will keep them busy while their parents can have fun. Or you can hire an entertainer to entertain them, playing different roles and training them in various games.

         A house with Muppet dolls and people to interpret them can be another fascinating idea for the little ones.

Another perfect idea for an unforgettable day can be renting a Photo Booth. They are those photo booths in which you are surprised in the most intimate moments, which will remain in your memory and which you will remember with pleasure at any age.

Or you can rent 360-degree mobile photo/video platforms for 6-8 people, which rotate for a few seconds, during which the guests can film themselves and post directly on social networks with the help of an application that they can install on their phone.

But what do you say about the idea of ​​placing a story table on which to place a personalized notebook with the face of the little one and in which each guest can "lay down" a blessing, a message to inspire him in life?

You can offer a Thank You Card for each guest, to express your gratitude for being with you at this moment in your life.

baby baptism party

What else can you do?

     Face painting. It can be popcorn for girls or masks for boys. There can be butterflies painted on children's faces. The little ones love this idea, being a creative way to express themselves. Even for adults it can be a bold idea. You can easily insert them into the childhood past.

Another idea can be to invite a cartoonist. It is a relatively recent service introduced at events, but very interesting. Both for children and adults.

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In the end...

     Enjoy every moment and keep this special day authentic. Give the little one an extraordinary start to the journey towards life.


       What other atypical ideas have you come across or perhaps even applied them to your little one's baptism? Can you write us in the comments?

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