Good ideas to support Romanian companies during the pandemic

In these moments, life in Romania is called into question, especially among Romanian companies, including us. That's why, more than ever, every Romanian should think about how they can help a company that produces in Romania to overcome the pandemic and thus support the Romanian economy.

How can we help a company that produces in Romania to overcome the pandemic

For years in a row, AnneBebe and have made every effort to come to the aid of all parents, with all the necessities that all the little ones need - from household items, to christening items , sanitary and personal use . And together we managed to make people happy, constantly contributing to the transformation of dreams into reality.

But now life tries us all, from small to large. It's the best time to reward all the efforts made so far by the millions of entrepreneurs in Romania, giving them the chance to find themselves on the market tomorrow.

You are the ones who gave us the satisfaction of a good thing done to the end and who filled our hearts with joy. And you are the ones who decide our fate from now on. Together we can make Romania a better place, as our ancestors taught us, from Stefan the Great onwards. And the support of Romanian companies, of small and large businesses, which have been with us in the most important situations and which responded promptly to our needs, is possible through weak, but so great gestures.




Purchased from Romanian producers

We know! We all carefully manage the budget we spend these days. Even if some things and accessories are more expensive on the Romanian market, especially those produced in our country, they are of a much better quality, with maximum attention to detail. Nothing compares to that unique outfit that you choose for your child's christening and that matches him exactly, with those fresh and flavorful vegetables, with those pairs of flirty shoes, made with attention to detail. And the list could go on!


Romanian companies place emphasis on quality, on emotion, on a job well done and completed properly. I put the emphasis on you and out of love I produce wonderful pieces that dozens of peoples are raving about. So we can continue to support them by purchasing products from these people, from their stores and creative workshops, or through purchases from online stores. And everything is completely safe! The products can be shipped in careful, delicate, local or national packaging. Imagine the look of a mother who receives the baby's first outfit, in the maternity ward, from the child's father or relatives. Or the happiness on the face of the grandmother, the mother, when she receives all the things she needs when she is in isolation. You can even offer gift cards, in case you can't find anything that impresses you at the moment. Let's not forget that tastes are often extremely intimate and personal.


Small things make us big people!

Now is your chance to help


Together we make Romania better and overcome troubles

During the last 4 years, we have been actively involved in many acts of charity and donation, the value of these good financial deeds exceeds 125,000 RON. We made donations to associations for the construction of hospitals, setting up wards for sick children and homes for needy families. We financially supported the cases of numerous children with cancer, autism, leukemia, schizophrenia and we stayed permanently connected with what is happening in families in Romania.

Some associations and humanitarian causes that I have supported are:

  • Daruieste Viata Association - Donation for the construction of the Children's Hospital
  • The House of All Association
  • SOS Children's Villages Association
  • Ana and Children Association
  • Save the Children organization
  • Mothers Association
  • Marie Curie Hospital
  • ASCHF Association Summer Camp
  • We Defeat Autism Association
  • Secondary schools/kindergartens in rural areas
  • Donations for many children who needed money for urgent operations

We want to continue the chain of these good deeds because we are convinced that only together we can make Romania better.

But, apart from our involvement and that of other companies from Romania in various civil society projects, every Romanian has the opportunity to support the Romanian economy, local companies, those that produce in Romania with a little effort.



Support your favorite businesses with a FREE gesture

- like, share, comment

The simplest way you can contribute to keeping Romanian companies on the market is to warmly offer them your impressions, to follow their pages, to offer them comments, reviews, to share them with all your loved ones who are looking for perfect things. They are gestures that cost nothing and require only a fraction of our time. And through them we can completely change the lives of millions of people.

Thanks to your gesture today, tomorrow a family will be more peaceful that they will keep their job, that they will have the same salary with which they can go to their beloved family and that they will be able to contribute as they dreamed of to the growth and harmonious development of a new generations.


Schedule your shopping

We know it's unpleasant to have to be in several places at once. It is very difficult to share when unforeseen things occur, when you have to stand in endless queues, when a previous appointment takes much longer or when you travel tens of kilometers in vain just to find the things you need, sometimes in vain. That is why we recommend that you try, where possible, to schedule your activities in detail. And in the AnneBebe creative stores you can schedule your visit, so that you can contribute together to maintaining the health of everyone around you.


Reward the people you have contact with with a sincere "Thank you!"

Whether we are talking about the seller at the bread kiosk, the courier who brings you the packages with enchanted surprises, the lady who picks the fresh greens from the garden in the morning and sells them at the market, always choose to communicate their needs in a jovial and full of respect.

And even if you wear a mask when you have contact, and you can't give them an ear-to-ear smile, always give them a sincere and warm " Thank you!" ".

Every seller/entrepreneur's soul grows with joy every time he has such contact with people who appreciate the efforts they make. And a simple thank you can completely change a person's morale and day, regardless of status, in these delicate moments.

Entrepreneurs are not iron statues. There are people as normal as possible who feel the pressure and negative influences of the pandemic.

Let's change Romania and turn it into a model worth following for future generations!

Supporting today's companies will lead to our development, for all of us. And together we can overcome all these difficult moments from the pandemic, supporting each other through small gestures and big gestures, which will change our destiny completely, for the better.

In conclusion, we want to thank you for all the magical moments in which you believed in us, for all the moments in which you put us on the top of your favorites by choosing us to guide your steps. Thank you for all the smiles you shared with us through photos, social media interactions and visits to creative workshops.

You are wonderful! And your support is the most precious proof that we do things the right way, with love and passion.