How do dolls contribute to child development?

The childhood of each of us was marked by certain toys or games. In general, the girls played with dolls, and the boys with all kinds of cars. Today, both girls and boys have at their disposal an extremely varied range of dolls with which they can play, but through which they can also learn how to interact socially, develop emotionally and gain new motor skills.

Reborn and Llorens dolls are part of a special category of dolls, both in terms of the material they are made of, their size and the role they play in children's development. These dolls are indicated for children over 3 years old. What makes them so loved by both children and parents is the fact that they resemble a real baby so well. And what child didn't want a baby doll more than anything?

How do dolls influence children's development?

Development of motor skills and functions

Playing with dolls is a creative activity, which is no longer limited only to little girls. The studies carried out have revealed the fact that playing with dolls plays a very important role in the development of children, regardless of age. First of all, it is obvious that dolls help children to relax but also to reduce the size of the surrounding world to some proportions closer to them. In the case of small children, dolls contribute to the development of motor skills, as a result of the fact that the doll must be handled. In this way, the child learns how to use his hands and performs extremely varied movements during the game. In addition, the little ones develop their motor skills by taking the doll with them every time they move from one place to another.

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Developing the imagination of the little ones

Playing with dolls allows the little ones to imagine characters and situations. Regardless of whether they choose to transpose themselves into their favorite doll or imagine that this is the personification of their best friend, children create life scenarios and attribute character traits to their favorite doll. This is the way in which they manage to learn how to behave in society, how to deal with various situations that arise and how to learn from mistakes, in safe conditions.

Compassion and empathy, learned through play

Through play, the children imagine different situations, but also the answer or attitude of the doll in front of those situations. In this way, the little one learns compassion and empathy, especially when playing with dolls also involves other children. In this way, the children learn how to take care of the doll, which they see as their child. They actually imitate the behavior of adults and put into practice what they saw in their parents.

Speech and communication skills

The little ones need to communicate with the dolls to make them understand certain things or to convey a message, thus developing their speech and communication skills. The development of these skills through play allows the child to better integrate into a community, to establish relationships with other children more easily, but also to interact more and find answers to his questions. Dolls are an initiator of many activities undertaken by children, which facilitate relationships with those around them as well as the development of the child's emotional intelligence.

The child's emotional life is reflected in the way the child interacts with the doll, through the messages it sends or through the attitude it has. Parents can obtain essential information related to the development of their children depending on the way the child plays.

Why do children prefer baby dolls?

Parents and especially mothers tend to convey information to the little ones in the form of stories. Many of these stories concern the period when the children were babies, sometimes referring to the current age of the child and the way in which it is normal to act or behave. In this way, the child is tried to be responsible.

Reborn and Llorens dolls completely copy the appearance of a real baby. They have natural hair, long and thick eyelashes, carefully contoured nails and are made of soft, organic materials that perfectly imitate the characteristics of a baby.

When the child receives a baby doll, he gains more responsibility and will recreate what he saw in the family regarding his care. A baby doll develops the child's compassion and empathy. The child will thus become a parent, returning the task of taking care of his baby. In this way, various activities will be practiced such as feeding the little one, dressing and sleeping.

The Reborn and Llorens dolls are extremely delicate, handmade, with great attention and care. Whenever ready to play, the baby dolls are dressed in beautifully colored clothes with a modern design, made from 100% organic materials. Weighing almost 2 kg, Reborn dolls, regardless of whether they are boys or girls, can become the ideal play partner for children over three years old.

In addition, the Reborn and Llorens dolls and the accessories that accompany them respect the latest quality standards as well as the European norms for the safety of toys. Each of these toys are accompanied by quality certificates, being ideal to give as a gift. Handcrafted from soft materials like wool, they allow a safe approach to the child's skin, being in addition extremely pleasant to the touch. And because the hands and legs can move, the Reborn and Llorens dolls are appreciated by the little ones, because they can be held in their arms or put to bed, swaddled or taken for a walk.

Toys in general, but dolls in particular, contribute to the development of creativity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. By playing with dolls, the child enters a space for learning social lessons, in a safe and at the same time extremely familiar environment. The doll therefore represents an object of the child's affection but also a particularly valuable learning tool.