The hottest trends of the moment in terms of decorating the baby's room in 2023

For the year that has just begun, the specialists recommend that we take into account some trends in arranging the children's room. Thus, depending on personal preferences, but also on our personalities, we can choose to arrange the baby's room in neutral shades (gender neutral), to create a tropical or floral/vegetal atmosphere, or to create an arrangement in the colors of the rainbow, or why not, for the most daring among us, let's decorate the little one's room in dark tones (dark gray or blue).

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Why should we choose to decorate the baby's room in gender neutral colors?

This trend is one that has started to make its presence felt since the past years, as a result of the Hygge trend. Besides the fact that furnishing in this style allows us to reuse the furniture for a possible brother or sister, the gender-neutral furnishing also offers other advantages - a generally clean, fresh appearance, which emphasizes materials such as wood or natural fibers, but also on the wallpaper with geometric motifs. Such an arrangement can be perfectly matched with the pieces of furniture available in the baby's room in white or beige colors, nicely accessorized.

For arrangements in a gender neutral style, the Nanan Puccio teddy bear night light is perfect, an ideal and at the same time interactive toy for the little ones. The lamp is part of the newest collection launched in the Baby's Room, made of extra soft and pleasant to the touch. Ideal to be given as a gift, the Nanan Puccio night light is made in Italy, in accordance with the European standards in force, from precious materials such as velvet and plush, but it can become the ideal companion for children, both during the day and during nights. In the gender-neutral design, we can also use accessories such as the white Nanan Tato blanket with a teddy bear, made of the best quality cotton, as well as the baby bed linen from the Nanan Tato collection, consisting of three pieces (diaper for the mattress, front of pillow and bed sheet). The products from the Nanan Tato collection are decorated with soft bears, in neutral colors, but also with extremely elegant embroideries in diaphanous colors, perfect for both boys' and girls' decorations.

For the gender-neutral arrangement, we can also use the decorations on sale, such as Juliana or Bambino photo frames for memories, but we can also choose soft plush toys in neutral colors, such as the 61 cm unicorn or the soft velor toy of the Lily doll type .

The tropical, floral or vegetal design of the Baby Room

If we choose to decorate the baby's room using tropical, floral or vegetable motifs, we must be careful how we decorate the walls. For a tropical design, the specialists recommend choosing a statement type wallpaper, with oversized designs, but which at the same time gives a playful air to the whole room. In this type of arrangement, we can use pieces of furniture, but also new and vintage decorations, which combine perfectly to create an atmosphere of freshness in the little one's room. If we choose the arrangement of floral or vegetal type, interior design specialists recommend us to orient ourselves towards wallpaper models with oversized flowers or that depict plant clusters. Usually, the wallpaper with floral motifs will be in shades of white, dusty pink or cream, which means that when we choose the furniture we can go for the one from the Sonia, Bubu or Cuore collection which will complete the decor with its elegant, natural lines, but at the same time very attractive.

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How to arrange the Baby's Room in the colors of the rainbow?

Furnishing the Baby's Room in rainbow colors represents a trend that we can say will be adopted only by the bravest parents. The mix of bold colors will definitely give the room a cheerful character and will be extremely easy to accessorize and decorate additionally. However, when choosing furniture for a room decorated in this style, it is good to consider collections such as Lulu, Tiffany or Dolce that are highlighted by the color palette used.

At the same time, the specialists recommend that the curtains, drapes or bedding be white or cream, in order not to overload the atmosphere, but also to balance the explosion of colors in the shades of the rainbow. Surely only the most daring among us will choose to decorate the baby's room in dark shades like gray or navy blue.

What do we need to know when we want to decorate the Baby's Room in dark shades?

Of course, not every room lends itself to being decorated in this way. Many of us are of the opinion that a room decorated in dark colors will seem smaller than it is in reality. It is ideal to take into account this optical illusion when considering this design option, so that we can enjoy a room with a successful design, and in addition, a feeling of well-being. The rooms decorated in dark shades will create an atmosphere that will impress a state of calm and relaxation and that will really value the pieces of furniture used. Specialists in interior design recommend that in 2023 we choose pieces of furniture such as those from the Cuore, Jolly or Pongo collection, accessorizing the room with golden decorations, able to stand out, but also to bring more brightness to the room.

For 2021, Camera Bebelusului has prepared new collections, but also special promotions available in the online store. Thus, you can choose from the varied offer of promotions pieces of furniture that suit each chosen style. For tropical, floral or vegetal arrangements, it is advisable to choose furniture collections with simpler, extremely elegant lines, which will be highlighted by the arrangement. The pieces of furniture from the Sonia collection are ideal for this type of arrangement, as well as the cots from the Ninna collection.

For decorating in the colors of the rainbow, the specialists recommend choosing cots with happy accents, such as those from the Cucu, Bubu or Jolly collection.

If we choose to decorate the baby's room in dark colors, it is good that the crib is part of the category of elegant, sophisticated pieces of furniture, such as those decorated with Swarovski crystals - the Elite baby crib with Swarovski crystals, the Sandy baby crib or the packages of pieces of furniture decorated with Swarovski crystals available in the Baby Room. Regardless of the type of arrangement you prefer, the ideal would be to create a fairy tale room in the little one's room, an atmosphere that induces a state of relaxation and calm, both for the little ones and for the adults. Only in this way will you enjoy wonderful moments with your child in 2023 as well!