The birth of a baby is a reason for joy for the whole family, and when he comes home, you do everything in your power to ensure his comfort, so that his adaptation is as easy as possible. But when the cold season is near, you take extra measures to make sure that your baby is warm and safe. You have to take care of a few aspects, that's why we offer you some tips on arranging the baby's room during the winter or what is the ideal temperature.

Why is room temperature important?

When the room temperature is too high or too low, sleep is not restful at all. Finding the ideal temperature is important for your baby's health and safety.

Specialists say that the ideal temperature, at which the child feels best during the night, is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius. Although it may seem a little cool to you, studies show that it is a safe and comfortable temperature for the baby.

It is very important to find the temperature level at which your little one feels best, because in this way he will have an uninterrupted and restful sleep.

Use a room thermometer

The easiest way to control the temperature in the child's room is to put a wireless thermometer or thermostat next to the crib. Make sure that the cot is protected from drafts and is not placed right next to the window, thus, if you opt for a thermostat, it is not influenced by cool air currents.

Buy a firm mattress

A firm and right mattress will not only give the little man a healthy sleep, but will also ensure an optimal temperature during the night. Mattresses made of soft materials not only put the baby at risk of suffocation, but the air entering the mattress can keep them cold while they sleep. After choosing a suitable mattress, we advise you to also put a waterproof mattress protector, which will increase the comfort of your little one.

Signs that your baby is too hot or too cold

Babies are different and not all of them feel comfortable at the same temperature, so the advice on the optimal room temperature is indicative. That is precisely why it is important to check your child regularly, to see if they are cold or too hot.

Put your hand on his chest or the back of his neck and if he is too hot or sweaty, remove a layer of clothes or adjust the temperature. If it is cold, add a layer of clothes and, likewise, adjust the temperature if necessary. The extremities are not relevant when you want to check if the baby is hot or cold, because they are usually colder.

How do you dress the baby to sleep?

Keep it simple and don't overcomplicate yourself when it comes to sleepwear. Choose a base layer, such as a jumpsuit, and forego accessories such as hats, gloves or socks that are too thick. Do not use beds in the first year of life, to avoid accidents, but choose a sleeping bag. Check it constantly and if it seems to you that a certain type of clothing does not suit him, try other pieces of clothing until you find something suitable for the baby.

Help your little one to have a restful sleep through a few simple and easy steps, which can ensure comfort and safety.