Furnishing the child's room when you become a parent is a real challenge. You receive so much information from friends, acquaintances or relatives who are already parents, that it is quite complicated to filter them all and understand what you really need and what are the pieces of furniture that you can not take , at least for now, under consideration.

What do you need to know about furnishing the baby's room? First of all, it should not be crowded. Both you and your child will need an airy, bright, relaxing space, in which to grow together without bumping into various unnecessary furniture items.

It is ideal to choose bedrooms and furniture for the baby's room that allow this space to be the perfect universe for the little one to rest, grow, find themselves, have fun and dream with their eyes closed or open.

Furnish the baby's room with the bare essentials: the crib, the changing table, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, especially if you are among the parents who face, like many others, the lack of space in a classic Romanian apartment.

Set a budget, and within its limits you can choose what you want for the child's room. The cot, mattress, chest of drawers with tub, wardrobe from Cameracopilului.ro are made of high quality materials. You choose the design according to your taste and taking into account, obviously, the safety of the little one.

You probably won't want to refurbish the child's room too often, so you have to make smart choices. The cot must be comfortable, easy to use, safe and durable. You don't want trouble when the little one grows and starts to gnaw the edges, when his teeth come out, or jump in the bed, when he starts to stand up. It is ideal to choose cots made of hard wood, such as oak, maple, alder, birch or beech.

For a unified design, you have at your disposal a series of furniture sets and packages for babies, practical, comfortable and beautiful in equal measure. They harmoniously combine the furniture and essential accessories for the baby, so that the little one has a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

The chest of drawers with the tub and changing table for babies must also be chosen carefully.

In the Camerabebelusului.ro online store you can find chests of drawers in several design variants and for all budgets. You have the possibility to choose either a chest of drawers equipped with an ergonomic bathtub, or one with a pillow and changing materials, extremely useful especially for mothers who gave birth by caesarean section and who find it difficult to bend over.

The wardrobes, chests of drawers and cabinets with drawers are made of durable wood or palanquin material made in Italy, and the paint used for finishing is non-toxic. The mounting methods on several levels represent an important criterion for setting up a comfortable and safe bedroom for the child.

The furniture sets from the camerabebelusului.ro online store include everything a child needs for rest, play and relaxation. A set consists of a cot, mattress, chest of drawers, practical and accessible changing table, wardrobe and accessories.

All objects are made with great care, carefully processed and finished and comply with the necessary safety standards to create a magical universe, in which the baby can grow up surrounded by all the love it needs.