How do we choose the child's crib? What types of cots and baby mattresses are recommended by specialists?

Today, in stores with children's products, we can find a fairly wide variety of types of wooden cribs for babies . Parents are constantly faced with the problem of choosing a crib, due to the many existing options, but also the insufficient amount of recommendations from specialists in the field. The cot is the main piece of furniture in the baby's room, an essential element that has a decisive role in setting the atmosphere in the bedroom. The baby will spend most of the first year of his life in the crib , either sleeping, playing, learning to sit and stand up, or exploring the world around him.

Types of wooden cribs for babies

When we talk about choosing the most suitable material, the main requirement that must be taken into account is safety. Wood is the only ecological material that does not contain toxic substances harmful to the baby's health. Children's furniture must meet the most rigorous conditions regarding the quality of the materials and the technology used, but it must also have quality certificates that parents must request upon purchase. Wood has always been considered the best material. Wooden cots for babies can be made of beech , birch, maple or alder. These types of wood allow optimal ventilation, but are at the same time strong and resistant.

Usually, the cribs are decorated with water-based paint, extremely safe for children, well sanded and perfectly finished. The cot for newborns can even be made of wicker. This is an extremely light and versatile material, but most of the time only cots are made from it to order. The design of wooden cots is varied and can be particularly attractive. As a rule, cots are multifunctional and can be equipped with drawers, a table for the child's hygiene, boxes for linen or they can be as simple as you want, even minimalistic.

When choosing cots, the specialists recommend paying attention to models with additional elements that offer a plus both in terms of functionality and design. Such a cot is extremely practical, with no need to waste time looking for accessories. You can also choose one of the most beautiful canopies available in the Baby's Room, which will not only decorate any crib, but will also provide effective protection against bright light.

The perfect mattresses and accessories for baby cots can only be found in the Baby Room

The range of cots available in the Baby Room also includes mattresses and accessories for baby cots . The two most important criteria that you have to take into account are related to the ecological character and the orthopedic properties. The mattress must be made of breathable, ecological materials. It is better to have a removable cover, because it will be easier to keep it clean. A children's mattress must not have metal springs. Mattresses can be divided into two main categories, depending on the season in which their use is recommended - summer and winter.

Models with mattresses for babies include specially designed springs. However, there is a big difference between metal springs and special sponge springs. The orthopedic mattress is designed with special sponge springs. Each sponge block is placed separately and does not affect the neighboring ones. Thus, during sleep, the spine of the child will not bend. Mattress fillings for cots are natural and synthetic. Mattresses with natural fillings are more expensive, but they have their advantages:

The mattress with coconut filling . This filling has a medium elasticity and is resistant to moisture. Insects and harmful bacteria cannot develop in such materials, which means that mattresses filled with coconut are an ideal choice for the little ones.

Algae filled mattresses. They have a beneficial effect on the child's posture and health. Since algae are ecological materials, they have a positive effect on the respiratory system. The only disadvantage of this material is that it is very soft, which reduces its lifespan.