Imagine a cool autumn morning, in which you wake up enveloped by the delicate touch of your favorite bed linen, bathed in fine aromas and in the last shy rays of the sun. Imagine now how much you love to spend a little more time in the warmth of the bedding, enjoying a perfect start to the day, even if the weather outside is gloomy. To cheer yourself up, you only have to look at the print of the bed linen chosen with so much care to bring a small smile to the corner of your mouth. And now think about your baby. Certainly, a suitable bed linen is all the more important for the little one, both from the point of view of the material from which it is made, the design, but also of the qualities it sums up.

What are the criteria we have to take into account when choosing a bed linen for babies or children?

The most important criterion that we must always take into account is the material from which the underwear is made. Bed linen can be made of satin cotton, finet, 100% cotton, luxury satin, bamboo, flannel or cocolino. These represent only some of the materials available for bed linen. Each of them has special qualities, but also certain precise indications of use, depending on the season or the production process.

Because we all know that babies' skin is extremely delicate and sensitive, specialists recommend us to choose those fabrics that are made of 100% cotton, preferably bio or organic. Nowadays, we have to be careful enough to distinguish the real products from those of a lower quality, even if the packaging could suggest the same quality of the material.

Why should we choose organic cotton baby linens or organic cotton linens?

100% organic or organic cotton is preferable due to the fact that it has an extremely rigorously established manufacturing process, controlled at every stage, from the stage of seeds used, to the processing methods, to transform into special clothing items. In addition, baby underwear made from 100% organic cotton offers the advantage that they do not use chemicals in the manufacturing process, minimizing the risk of putting the baby in contact with potentially harmful agents.

How to sanitize the bedding of babies and small children?

The manufacturers recommend that these products be washed in the washing machine, at 30 or 40 degrees, using special detergent for babies or detergent for colored clothes, which does not attack the fabric. It is not recommended to use chemical bleaches, because they can degrade the fabric or the print, but they can also remain stuck to the fibers, presenting a risk to the baby's sensitive skin. After washing, the bed linen can be ironed at a maximum of 130 degrees, taking care not to touch the plus.

When we talk about the baby's mattress, the specialists recommend that it be aired at least once a month, in order to favor the proper ventilation that ensures a restful and healthy sleep for the little one.

The best linens for babies can only be found in the Baby Room

In the baby's room you will find sheets and bed sets grouped according to the collection they belong to. Thus, the 4 available collections will surely delight you, both from the point of view of the design, the quality of the materials used, but also from the point of view of the production process, a process that respects the highest standards in the field. Four collections are available in the Baby Room - the Erbesi, Nanan, Andi & Helen collection and the Baby Tex collection. Each of these collections is specially designed to offer special qualities, a nice and playful design, but also a combination of several products in sets, ideally combined to be used or to be given as a gift.

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The Erbesi collection

The Erbesi collection includes sets of products made of 100% natural cotton. It has the advantage of being easy to maintain, but also extremely friendly to the skin of the little one. If the cotton is organic, it also provides adequate ventilation, allowing the baby's sensitive skin to breathe. In the Erbesi collection you will find three- or four-piece linen sets, but also a special version made available by Camera Bebelusului, namely the three-piece linen set and canopy from the Cucu collection. If we choose the three-piece sets, we must know that they include a sheet for the bed mattress, a pillowcase and a bed sheet. The four-piece sets consist of a duvet, a duvet cover and a pillow, as well as bed guards that are attached by means of delicate ribbons.

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When we choose a bed linen, regardless of whether we buy it directly from the store or online, we need to know from the beginning some details related to the dimensions of the little one's cot, quilt and pillow, in order to be able to purchase only those sets that fit perfectly. It is not recommended to buy oversized bed linens, because they can endanger the life of the little one by suffocation.

The dimensions of the underwear from the Erbesi collection

The sets from the Erbesi collection contain quilts of 70 x 106 cm, made of 100% cotton, with light, soft and heat-insulating filling. The duvet cover has the size of 118 x 137 cm, being provided with a special fastening system with hedgehogs. The bed guard has a fastening system with a bow, size 40 x 190 cm, offering extra protection to the baby, both during the night and during the day, when he plays in his crib. In addition, the bed guard protects the little one from air currents that can pass through the crib bars. Those from Erbesi have also included in this set a cover for the baby's pillow, available in 35 x 60 cm versions. The outer material of the cover is made of 100% cotton.

The sets from the Erbesi collection can be used for cots with dimensions of 60 x 120 cm, 63 x 127 or 60 x 127 cm. Italian manufacturers offer the guarantee of products made to international standards, of exceptional quality, combined in compact sets, specially designed for the needs of parents and children.

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If instead we choose the bed set from Erbesi consisting of 3 pieces, we must know that it consists of a sheet for the mattress of the 100 x 165 cm cot, provided with elastic, which allows it to mold perfectly at the level of the mattress and remain fixed despite the movements of the little one. The pillowcase is 35 x 60 cm, while the bed sheet is 112 x 163 cm.

The Nanan collection, the ideal choice for a fluffy sleep

The Nanan collection includes bed linen sets that are made of 100% cotton and bed guards with laces. The textile material from which the outer pieces are made is represented by 100% cotton. Inside, they have a polyester layer of the best quality, with an ideal thickness to allow air to penetrate inside the cot. All the pieces in this collection are made in Italy and can be easily washed at a maximum of 30 degrees. All these parts can be used for cots with dimensions of 60 x 120 cm or 63 x 127 cm.

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In terms of design, you will have at your disposal a very wide range of options, both in terms of color and additional decorations used for linens. The white color is suitable for both boys and girls, but it brings a little more sobriety compared to diaphanous colors like pink, blue or cream. Regardless of the chosen color, you should know that the pieces available in the Baby's Room are decorated with embroidery or applications in the form of funny bears or bunnies, clouds or hearts, but also decorated with ribbons, for added style and elegance. You just have to let your imagination run wild and choose that bed linen that will make you dream of your childhood, together with your baby.

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