Baby's room

Arranging the baby's room involves a multitude of decisions that future parents have to make. If the family is expecting their first child, these will be even more difficult. Due to the lack of experience, it is possible that some essential aspects are treated superficially, in favor of others such as: a low price or an attractive design.

The two factors mentioned above are indeed extremely tempting, however, a responsible parent must first of all take into account the safety and quality of the objects chosen for the baby's room. It is important to remember that not all products intended for the child's room meet the safety standards, some being even harmful to health (for example those that contain formaldehyde).

Like the rest of the products for children and the furniture items that are subject to the demanding criteria that protect small consumers, they cannot be very cheap, because the raw materials used, from those for creating the components to glue and varnish, must be non-toxic, of very good quality and resistant.

For these reasons, we recommend parents to choose companies and stores with a consolidated reputation in the field, which guarantee for the products sold and which support an extremely transparent and honest communication with customers, about the raw material used, the characteristics of the products, the safety and quality standards respected .

The specialists from advise you:

* Choose the pieces of furniture for the baby's room made of wood. Wood treated very little and only with non-toxic products is much healthier than plastic. It does not emit harmful substances such as BPA and contributes to a relaxing atmosphere. These details are essential for the child's bedroom. In addition, wood is much more resistant.

* If you have a maximum budget within which you must fit, it is better to choose the cheapest high quality product than the most expensive low quality product.

In the online store, a multitude of products for the baby's room are presented, starting from cots for children and up to chests of drawers with changing tables. All of them are of the best quality and are created respecting all the safety rules from the project stage so that the little one feels as comfortable, free as possible, enjoying the lowest risk of getting injured or getting into contact with harmful substances.

With an elegant design, in very light shades, it ensures a peaceful atmosphere and a particularly pleasant environment for both the baby and the new mother.

Here are some examples:

Dado cot for babies, elegant and playful, made in Italy, made of solid Beech wood, finished with special non-toxic paint. It has a cute ornament with a teddy bear and on one side are applied cheerful stars. Read the description on in detail

The very solid mattress is adjustable on two levels. It can support the weight of a child up to 5 years old. The sides are rounded to prevent accidents and easily sliding with the possibility of detaching one of them, the drawer is spacious, perfect for storing the baby's accessories, with two compartments.

The Dado chest of drawers for babies from the same playful collection is provided with a removable changing table and a practical bathtub, in which the baby can be safely bathed. The chest of drawers also has 3 roomy drawers where mom can store all the products she needs close at hand, starting with cosmetics and ending with towels and a change of clothes.

Baby Dado's room

We invite you to study the entire Dado Collection on!

Cot with mattress, arms and Soft chest of drawers, for sophisticated mothers. The appearance of this collection is impressive, especially as it overflows with an obvious superior quality. The cot with quilted ecological leather is not only gorgeous in terms of appearance, but also practical: it can easily be transformed into a junior bed or into a spectacular sofa. Its sides are removable and sliding, and there is no compromise in terms of space: the cot has a roomy drawer. These characteristics and the resistant material from which it is created - solid beech wood, make this piece of furniture durable.

The cot can be moved easily with the help of quality wheels, made of soft rubber and can be used until the child reaches the age of 5, after which it can be transformed into a sofa. Safety was not at all neglected, down to the smallest details. The cot is painted with non-toxic water-based varnish, according to European standards.

The mattress of the Soft crib is made of foam - It is manufactured in Italy according to the highest standards, it is firm and ensures an optimal sleeping position of the baby's body for a harmonious development. The developing spine is perfectly supported for healthy growth.

Soft changing table  it keeps the sophisticated elements of the design, but at the same time the high degree of support for practical activities. The 3 drawers can successfully store all the items that mommy needs for the baby's comfort and the wheels ensure easy movement around the room, 2 of them being provided with locks. The changing table is covered with a soft and non-toxic PVC, the formaldehyde emissions being minimal.

The cot is available in Soft Buttons and Soft Crystals versions. The Soft Cristale variant meets the most sophisticated demands of a very elegant and pretentious mother. The crystals are Swarovski and replace the cufflinks. For a perfect match, the Soft Chest of Drawers is also available with Crystals.

The Milky cot and changing table specially created for the most smiling babies and optimistic mothers, with many cheerful and playful elements applied with good taste everywhere.

The Milky cot is made of solid beech and adapts to the growth stages of the baby up to the preparatory class. Safe, practical and with a very pleasant appearance, the cot meets all the needs of safety and functionality, being provided with a capacious and adjustable drawer in two positions. The sides are sliding, with the possibility of detaching one of them and the materials used are non-toxic, even the paint.

The Milky dresser respects the same attractive and playful design, being made of E1 class chipboard, with low formaldehyde emissions. It has 3 room settings and wheels, 2 of them with locks. It is equipped with an ergonomic bathtub for the baby's bath.

The cot and chest of drawers from the Nido Collection manage to ensure comfort and safety while maintaining a high level of quality, at a very convenient price!

The cot has a solid frame made of beech wood and an adjustable mattress in two positions. It is very massive and durable. The paint used is non-toxic. The edges of the cot are rounded to increase safety.

The Nido chest of drawers is equipped with a quality-controlled PVC changing table and an ergonomic bathtub for the baby's crib. It has 4 wheels, 2 of which are equipped with locks and has 3 roomy drawers. The handles of this chest of drawers are very durable, made of solid beech wood.