Although parents have a lot of things to do and organize before the baby is born, don't forget that there are some aspects that you can address in advance. One of these would be the bedding for the baby's crib. Just as this must be taken into account, the furniture for the child's room must be chosen carefully.

1. What underwear do we choose for babies?

The materials must allow the baby's skin to breathe and not cause itchiness or irritation. Bedding must be changed daily, since birth. It's best to choose underwear with simple prints, preferably white, because babies are very sensitive and we don't have to confuse them with printing shades.

Therefore, it is best to buy them bedding that is friendly to their skin, that is comfortable and that does not attract too much attention. The second option would be one with a floral print, but it is not in the top of parents' preferences. For babies, we recommend cotton beds, pillows and clothes, without containing perfumes or other substances left unwashed after washing. White linen is much easier to wash and matches any toy and decoration in the room.


  • Baby linen must be in tune with the rest of the furniture, so as not to create a cluttered image;
  • Try to opt for white models that are not multicolored, but with an interesting combination of colors. For example: beige with white .

2. What material should the baby's furniture be made of?

The baby's bedroom, along with the bathroom and the kitchen, are the most important rooms in a house. That's why we have to pay extra attention in choosing the furniture and accessories that will decorate it. As the fashion for furniture for babies and adults changes quite quickly, we recommend you to choose a classic style , because it never goes out of style.

This type of furniture can be transformed very easily depending on the age of the child. Thus, if you use neutral colors , you can quickly change the bed linen with a more fun one or you can decorate the wall with a painting or stickers. The furniture must be as simple as possible in shape and not colorful. The best color options are:

  • white - because there will be many toys and colors in the room, and strong colors can disturb the baby. In addition, white visually increases any type of room;
  • cream, wenge, walnut, brown, ivory, gray, cream.


  • Baby furniture must be as nice as possible, but at the same time, practical. Becoming parents, we want to offer the little one the best, so that the furniture is not neglected, but becomes a basic object of our baby's room.
  • We must choose the furniture from materials that do not have toxic paint for children and it must not be too difficult to clean. It must be able to be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, for example, because the products we use in the rest of the house (for example, furniture spray) have perfume and are not at all suitable for a baby's room.
  • The ideal furniture is the one that does not have sharp corners, to avoid possible accidents. For a better optimization of the budget, when you choose the baby's furniture , consider colors and models that can also be used when the baby grows.

The furniture and bedding that we choose to decorate the baby's room must also bring more comfort to both the parents and the child. To make sure you don't make a mistake, opt for white, both for furniture and bedding. Strong shades (for example red, purple) induce a state of restlessness in the little one and implicitly a not restful sleep!