What to take with you to the beach when you go with a baby?

Going to the beach with your baby is the perfect way to spend a wonderful summer day. Although you won't be able to spend the day quietly on a lounger reading a book, you'll love to see your little one not playing in the sand and water.

We have put together this comprehensive list of essential elements when you go to the beach with your baby. We recommend you go through it and make sure you don't forget anything important at home. Therefore, pack your bags to go to the sea with your baby and prepare for sunny time with your little one.

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First time at sea with baby?

If it's the first time you go to the sea with your baby, prepare to take quite a few essential things with you. Babies' skin is so sensitive that you have to make sure you take all the important precautions.

First of all, you need to provide shade for your happy baby. We also recommend that you keep the baby covered as much as possible when it is sunny. Of course, you don't have to sit with your baby on the beach when the sun is high in the sky, the strongest. It is best to dress him loosely and not to leave him exposed.

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Can you go to the beach with a newborn?

Yes you can. You may need to make sure you have a suitable place for the baby to sleep. We also recommend that you ask the pediatrician if he agrees and especially if he can recommend the best solution for sun protection for newborns.

Usually, the doctors' recommendation will be to wait until your baby is 6 months old to apply sun protection. With a portable beach tent and a good shade shelter, you can safely go to the beach with your baby. It is important to protect it from wind and sun.

Whether you're going to the beach with your baby, or you're going to the beach with him, here's a complete list of the essentials you need for the beach.

1. Baby clothes for the beach 0 - 3 years

One of the most important beach necessities for babies is beach clothes. It is critical that the baby's skin is well protected from the sun and it is easier to do this with suitable beach clothes - light clothes - than using sunscreen. Even if you dress the baby in thin summer clothes, ask the doctor if you can apply sunscreen (especially if the baby is under 6 months old).

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- A sun hat for babies

It is the most important clothing item when you go to the beach with your baby. Look for one with laces, which can be easily fixed on the baby's head without having to always sit it down. The cheerful and fun colors are wonderful.

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- Body

If you can, choose a practical bodysuit, even with long sleeves. It is easy to put on, it will protect the baby's skin and he will feel comfortable. The bodies are ideal for babies. You can easily change it when necessary, because they are very practical.

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- Hooded towel

After a swim in the inflatable pool or even in the sea, you can wrap the baby in a soft, hooded towel. Choose a cheerful pattern. It is the perfect way for the baby to warm up and not be surprised if he falls asleep immediately.

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- Sunglasses

For slightly older babies, you can also consider a pair of sunglasses. These will help them to see the sun's rays and the sun's reflection in the water more easily. In general, babies can't bear to have glasses on their eyes, but you can tie them with an elastic band at the back, so that they are well held on the head.

- Diapers

Don't forget the diapers for the beach. These are reusable diapers that have triple protection and can be machine washed. They can be worn just like that or with a body on top.

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- Slippers, slippers or beach shoes

Even if the baby does not walk on his own, you can put a pair of slippers in his luggage for the sea. These will protect his feet, especially if he tries to walk and the sand is hot. In addition, it will not hit stones or sharp shells.

- I'm wearing a baby carrier

An ideal solution to take the baby in the sea or in the pool with you is to use a baby carrier or wrap. Choose a breathable one that dries easily in the sun. We also recommend that you test at home if the marzipan is suitable before using it for the first time.

2. Toys for babies

Apart from clothes, you should not forget to take baby toys with you to the sea - inflatable pool, activity center for the beach, shade tent, various floating toys, bucket, spatula, sieve, molds for sand. These will make the fun even greater for the baby.

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3. Maternity bag

In this bag you can put everything you need when you go to the beach with your baby in the morning or in the afternoon: diapers, your favorite toy, a water-resistant book for babies, a thermos with water, a bottle of snacks if your baby is over 6 months old and you have started diversification, teething toys, pacifier support box, textile diapers, bib, etc.

You are still making your list for the beach holiday with baby. We are waiting for you in the store - we have a lot of good offers that will help you quickly check off everything you need.

Pleasant fun on vacation with baby at the sea or at the pool!