A comparative analysis between cosleepers and classic beds

Often, for many mothers, the nine months waiting for the baby that they watch over day and night in their belly seem like several years. As the long-awaited moment approaches, the time seems to pass more slowly.

That's right, babies like to be waited on! And when the great miracle takes place, the little one is overwhelmed with love from all the loved ones whom he can't wait to meet, with great enthusiasm.

baby cosleeping cot

Besides the most emotional moment experienced by a woman ever, the first contact and the first hug, arranging the child's room is an aspect that makes time pass more easily. There is nothing wrong with wishing that, day by day, your human child lives exclusively next to you and in your arms, especially in the first months of life when his body is so fragile. But, even if you haven't taken into account the arrangement of his own room, or if you want to fully enjoy his existence, you can use a cosleeper bed.

These baby cribs help you prevent small incidents and keep the little human close to your soul, without neglecting his needs.

Cosleepers vs. normal beds

Scientific studies show that it is very important for little ones to sleep in their own crib from the first days of life, even if many mothers vehemently refuse this idea. It has been proven that a co-sleeping cot prevents the sudden death syndrome caused by suffocation or the small incidents that can occur when it sleeps directly with the parents. Of course, this syndrome is very rare and in a continuous decline in recent years. And an explanation can be the fact that more and more mothers choose these cribs to the detriment of the classic ones or the usual practices.

the baby in the crib

Cosleeper features

  • Ideal from the first day of the baby's life, thanks to the accessories and harmoniously crafted finishes, in relation to the needs of the little one;
  • Equipped with wheels, sliding sides and an adjustment system on different lines for easy movement and positioning, according to wishes and needs;
  • Multifunctional system that can be folded, adapted and used in the long term, even for older children;
  • Made of different safe and friendly materials (wood treated with non-toxic water-based paint or canvas);

Features normal cots

  • The fixed, non-adjustable structure, which must be chosen and used for a certain age segment;
  • It is not portable or foldable, often requiring a generous and fixed space for arrangement;
  • Fixed sides and lack of adjustable system.

Cosleepers vs normal cots - Differences

Normal cribs often take into account a number of basic rules, but a newborn baby can have many more needs. For example, the normal cot can be placed anywhere in the house, in the little one's own room, while these co-sleeping cots not only allow individual use, but also association with the parents' bed.

classic baby cot

While with the normal cot you will have to get out of bed every time he is agitated or when he cries, coesleeper cots allow you to watch over your little one even when you are resting, just by turning on your side or directing your gaze towards it. You will no longer have to get out of bed and move to a corner of the room or to another corner of the house, to completely change your comfort and sleep schedule to be next to him, every time he feels the need.

Such a crib is made of special materials that influence the good development of the little one in the first months. For example, the mattress can have anti-reflux properties, the cots allow adjustment on different levels, so that sleep is more comfortable and safer. The slides of a co-sleeping cot are removable so that you can associate it in any part of the bed, and the bed is provided with wheels through which you can position it wherever you want more easily, without effort during the recovery period and after. The usual cot often has a fixed mechanism that does not give you much reliability and is particularly suitable starting with the age of approximately 2-3 years, up to a maximum of approximately 7 years. The cosleeping ones can be used from the first months of life and many years later, thanks to the transformable concept.

We also know how important it is for the little one to create a unique bond with his parents. And these cosleeping cots allow the little ones to be close to their parents and feel completely safe, without affecting their harmonious development.

What to choose - a cosleeping cot or a normal cot?

Choosing the ideal crib can be a real challenge, but the truth is that there is no exact rule to choose the best crib. In fact, we encourage you to analyze the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each type of cot separately, so that in the end you can make the most suitable choice.

Thus, if you are a modern mother who wants to fully watch over her baby in the first months of his life, without endangering his health and to live harmoniously in a period of change, you will find cots extremely useful sleeping.

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