Competition with prizes for babies

Kids and parents of kids, we have great news for you: we are launching an interactive, fun and funny contest for the first time for everyone. Because a photo is worth 1000 words and because the photos with your baby will remain the most precious in the whole family album, we propose a special campaign and a contest with guaranteed prizes.

The big prize

Like any competition that is respected, we also have a special prize: a voucher worth 500 lei that you can use to buy what you want from the website

In addition, you have guaranteed prizes if you participate in the campaign. We tell you about them below.

Baby contest annebebe photo session

How can you participate?

Sign up with your child in our campaign and participate with him in a dream photo session.

We schedule you for a photo session or directly at our showroom. Here, we dress your little one in new clothes of his choice, perfect for his age.

Your little one will participate as the main model in a free photo session, and at the end we will give you the photos as a gift.

In addition, you automatically receive a 10% voucher that you can use for shopping in our stores or directly online.

Some of the photos taken will be used in our campaigns, to illustrate the clothing items we offer to our customers. In other words, your baby will be a little star.

Of course, you also enter directly into the race for the grand prize: a voucher worth 500 lei.

We are eagerly waiting for you to sign up for the campaign!