What is colic?

When a baby cries and fusses frequently for no apparent reason, this could be a symptom of colic. Colic occurs when the baby cries for more than 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks. Sometimes you feel that there is nothing you can do to ease the pain of the little one. Managing colic attacks can add major stress to new parents who are already tired or stressed anyway.

Colic can start a few weeks after birth, and the situation can worsen between 4 and 6 weeks of life. Some babies get rid of colic at the age of 4 months, but others struggle with these conditions up to 1 year.


What are the symptoms of colic?

Usually, colicky babies cry and fuss a lot. Even if they are healthy, they cry a lot. Other symptoms may include:

  • Crying for no apparent reason. For example: after they have eaten and even if their diaper has been changed.
  • I cried at the same time every day. Babies who have colic generally become fussy towards the end of the day. However, crying can happen at any time.
  • Babies clench their fists and bend their legs.
  • He cries as if he is in pain.
  • Her face turns red when she cries.

When the baby cries, he can swallow air. This leads to gas in the belly, so the abdomen can swell or tighten. After the elimination of gases, the baby may feel better.

What are the causes of colic?

Doctors are not very sure about colic in babies. Researchers looked at several possible causes, and some factors could be:

  • pain or discomfort caused by gas or indigestion
  • a digestive system that is not fully developed
  • overfeeding or underfeeding
  • sensitivity to powdered milk or breast milk
  • overstimulation
  • early form of migraine in children
  • emotional reaction to fear, emotions, frustrations

Colic treatments for babies

Although you cannot completely prevent or avoid colic in babies, there are some treatments that have proven useful over time.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, try the following solutions to combat colic:

  • keep a clear record of what you eat and drink
  • avoid caffeine and chocolate
  • avoid nuts and dairy products (the baby may be allergic to them)
  • ask the doctor about the medicines you use (if applicable)

If you feed your baby with formula, try the following:

  • offer the baby smaller but more frequent meals
  • avoid feeding him too late or too quickly (a meal with a bottle should last about 20 minutes)
  • try to heat the milk to body temperature
  • when you feed the baby, keep him in a vertical position

baby colic remedies

If you hold him in your arms, you can relieve his colic pains

There are some babies who respond very well to being close to their mother. Try these things:

  • hold the baby in your arms or on one arm and massage his back with the other hand
  • if it has gas, keep it in a vertical position
  • hold the baby in your arms at night
  • when you walk, hold the baby in your arms
  • you can rock it or place it in a rocking basket

Other comfort solutions for babies with colic

Try different movements and stimuli to calm the baby.

  • keep it on your skin
  • swaddle the baby
  • Sing
  • give him a warm bath or put a warm towel on his belly
  • rub it
  • you can also try the white noise version: a fan, a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a hair dryer, etc
  • go for a walk with him
  • you can try to give him the pacifier
  • make sure the baby is resting well
  • you can wear it in a wrap close to your skin
  • you can distract him with a musical carousel
  • there are mothers who say that sleeping together with the baby (co-sleeping) helps them get through the colic period more easily


Colic does not cause a major problem in the short or long term for babies. However, this period of intense crying, apparently for no reason, can be very difficult for parents to manage. You might feel overwhelmed and frustrated. If so, then ask someone to help you supervise the child. Do not get agitated and do not hurt the child. Even a simple shake can cause serious brain damage and even death.

Remember the following things

You didn't do anything to cause the colic. Therefore, you don't have to feel guilty. Colic is a common phenomenon and is not caused by your mistakes as a parent. It is important to understand that this is not your fault and you have no control over this aspect.

The colic will eventually go away. Most children pass this period after the age of 4 - 5 months. It is important to remember that this difficult phase will pass. With time, the baby's digestive system will develop and colic symptoms will improve.

If the baby has colic, it does not mean that he has health problems. Colic is unpleasant, but generally does not pose a serious threat to the health of the baby. However, it is always good to consult your pediatrician to rule out other medical problems.

There are many ways to soothe your baby. You can try them. There are many techniques you can try to calm your baby, such as gentle rocking, gentle massage, using rocking toys or even listening to soothing music. Every baby is different, so you may need to try several approaches to see what works best for your baby.

Pay extra attention to the baby during this time. Colic can be stressful and tiring for the whole family. It is important to pay attention to the baby's needs and try to give him comfort and affection during this difficult time.

If you feel like you can't take it anymore, it's okay to ask for help. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your partner, family or friends. It is completely normal to feel tired and frustrated during this time. Talk to someone you trust and accept help when it's offered.

By remembering these aspects, you will be able to better manage this difficult period and go through the colic experience with your baby more easily.


Contact the doctor if the baby's crying is accompanied by fever, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody stool

Natural remedies to improve and fight colic

A warm bath and compresses
Warm water has a calming effect on babies and can relieve colic pain. You can prepare a warm bath or soak a towel in warm water, wring it out and use it to gently rub the baby's tummy. This helps relax the muscles and can reduce discomfort.

Massage with almond and coconut oil can be an effective way to calm the baby and stimulate digestion. Put a little massage oil in the palm of your hand and gently massage her belly in a clockwise direction. Gentle movements can relax the abdominal muscles and facilitate the elimination of gas.

Place it on the tummy
Changing the position can sometimes be helpful for babies with colic. Place him on his tummy, carefully, under your constant supervision. This position can help release gas and relieve discomfort. You can also gently massage it on the back to support the gas elimination process.

Help him eliminate gas after meals
After you feed him, place him in a vertical position on your shoulder, well supported. Gently caress his back or gently massage him until you hear the characteristic sound of gas elimination. This technique can help reduce the pressure in the baby's tummy and relieve the discomfort associated with colic.

These natural methods can provide relief to your baby and deal with colic symptoms in a gentle and caring manner. It is important to be patient and keep experimenting with different techniques to discover what works best for your child.

Thermal toys - a 100% natural solution to combat colic

What are warmies toys?

These toys are extras specially created to be heated in the microwave oven. They heat up to a suitable temperature and then you can give them to the babies. The effect of warmies toys is amazing in treating colic, because these warm toys offer comfort and soothing warmth. Warmies are loved by millions of babies, children and parents all over the world.


They are soft toys, 100% safe from the first weeks of the baby's life, they are very beautiful (with happy animals) and fluffy, pleasant to the touch.

Warmies toys are filled with flax/millet seeds, lavender of the best quality and emit an incredibly soothing smell.

How are warmies toys used to combat colic?


Simply heat your little one's favorite warmies toy in the microwave (according to the instructions on the label). Immediately, the toy will release a wonderful and relaxing lavender aroma. Give the warm toy to the baby, leave it next to him when he sleeps for a more restful and relaxing sleep. Also, you can easily place it on his tummy. The warmth and the effects of lavender will drive away the colic and pain of the baby.

Warmies toys help fight stress, pain, sinus pressure, migraines, insomnia, cramps, colic, flu. Specialists found that weight, heat and lavender calm and relax.

Warmies can also be used as cold compresses. Place the warmies toy in a sealed bag in the freezer for 2 - 3 hours. Then, you can use it to lower the temperature, for swellings and improve sprains and bruises.

toys with lavender warmies colic babies

Why should you trust warmies toys to ward off baby's colic?

Applying heat to the belly is a remedy recognized for many years as having a positive effect. Many studies and reality show that this heat applied to the belly can deactivate the pain at the molecular level, in a way in which analgesic drugs work. It also offers comfort.

If we think about the path of gas components through thermodynamics, we see that their tendency is always to evolve and move. For this reason, heat helps to move gases and regulate intestinal transit.

That's why warmies soft toys have a relaxing and healing effect. They are essential solutions for taking care of the baby when he has symptoms of colic. And not only that - Warmies will be a wonderful companion for playing, sleeping and relaxing.

Choose now from our offer, the perfect Warmies plush toy for your puppy and say goodbye to colic. These awesome toys:

  • they are soft plush toys, very cuddly
  • they are filled with natural cereals and dried French lavender, which offer warmth and comfort
  • they have super soft fabric of the best quality
  • relieves stress, stomach aches, anxiety
  • they are excellent for colic pains
  • they are comforting, 100% natural and safe
  • warmies is the number 1 and trusted brand in plush toys and spa gifts for hot and cold therapy
  • Thermal collars and thermal articles for the well-being of the whole family

    Toys and thermal objects are also perfect for relaxing muscles in adults and older children.

    Moms who are tense after a busy day, dads who complain of muscle pain, can also use these thermal items that will immediately relieve pain and tension.

    Often, older children complain of stomach pain, leg pain (especially at the ankles), growing pains or indisposition. Older children who play sports can also benefit from all the advantages of warm thermal objects. A thermal toy will prove to be an excellent solution to get rid of these ailments, muscle contractions or pain that become obstacles in the daily routine.

    The soft collar type thermal pillows are ideal for children, but also for cervical relaxation for moms and dads. It calms muscle tension, cramps, joint or abdominal pain. In addition to these properties, the thermal collars are ideal for treating colic in children and have an aerosol effect, because they help unclog a stuffy nose. Just a small embrace of the fluffy collar will bring you relief and a better mood, a more restful and relaxing sleep.