The most common causes that prevent the little one from falling asleep and the solutions offered by the Baby Room

A baby can cry for many reasons - either he is hungry, he is sick, he needs his diaper changed, he is tired and can't fall asleep, he is teething, he has colic, he is too hot or too cold, or just and simply needs a little attention and tenderness from the parents. You don't need to be alarmed when the baby cries. You can only help him if you keep calm and try to figure out what exactly is bothering him.

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How do we recognize baby's colic?

Usually, when the baby has colic, the specialists say that it cries more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, between the ages of three weeks and three months. The crying associated with the baby's colic shows certain characteristics that can help you figure out what is bothering the little one. In the case of colic, it was noted that the baby's crying and fussing start suddenly. Sometimes it can happen that the baby starts crying at the same time every day or evening. When the baby has colic, he will cry loudly, his face will turn red and he will seem extremely tense. On palpation, you will notice that the belly is contracted as a result of the spasms of the abdominal muscles, but also of the persistent crying. When the child has colic, he will have a specific position, with his legs clenched and his fists clenched.

Thermal toys, the solution for a baby with colic

Although colic is a normal episode in the life of every baby, it is good to check with the pediatrician the health status of the little one. Thermal toys are of real use for calming abdominal pain and muscle tension. They can be used safely, because they are made in compliance with the highest international standards, from high quality materials. In addition, thermal toys can also help the little one if he has problems sleeping, if he has a stuffy nose, if he is more agitated or if he is affected by colic. All you have to do is heat the toy in the 800W microwave oven for 90 seconds, to fully benefit from its effects for a period of up to two hours.

How does a tired baby behave? How do we ensure a quality and restful sleep?

The baby can also cry if he is tired. In this case, he becomes agitated and there is also the risk of not being able to fall asleep in the cold season, as a result of the fact that he reveals himself frequently. A solution to this problem could be represented by the use of sleeping bags for babies . Sleeping bags for babies are made of the best quality cotton, a material that is extremely pleasant to the touch, which also offers the advantage of maintaining the ideal temperature of the little one's body, while allowing the baby's sensitive skin to breathe.

In addition, sleeping bags are the ideal choice when we refer to aspects such as the safety of the baby. Blankets or duvets, especially when they are not the right size, can present a risk of suffocation for the little ones. In the case of the sleeping bag, the baby will be protected, even if it shows agitation during the night. By periodically using the sleeping bag, during the day or at night, you will teach the baby that this is the time to go to sleep.

A little tenderness before bed, the guarantee of a peaceful sleep

Sometimes, the baby may cry and be fussy just because he is bored or needs a little attention from his parents. Specialists say that babies need tender and frequent touches, always feeling the need to be in the company of their mother or parents. For the moments when the baby cannot be held and cannot have tender moments, it is recommended to use thermal toys. The heat emitted will simulate the body heat of the mother, father or even a sibling, thus allowing the baby to feel safe, by creating an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Only when the baby calms down can he relax enough to fall asleep.

Thermal toys can be used both during the day and at night, regardless of whether they are heated or not. Such a toy can represent the ideal companion for playing during the day, but also the ideal sleeping partner during restless nights. Try to ensure the little one as many moments of tenderness and peace as possible before going to bed. Enjoy a walk in the open air and moments of peace together. The movement of the mother is also good for the little one, besides the fact that the time spent together, so close, will allow the parents to get to know their baby better and his reactions.

A quiet and restful sleep, essential for a harmonious development

 To ensure a peaceful and restful sleep for the little one, you can give him a bath before going to bed. It is known that hot water has a calming effect. In this way, the baby will have the attention it wants from the parents and will be ready for bed. You only need to reduce the stimuli in the room, reduce the light and noise, possibly use white noise or background music. The baby is now ready to enjoy a fluffy sleep in his sleeping bag made of fine pink or blue cotton, with teddy bears and hearts, from Andy & Helen . Or he can always prefer the company of Tato or Puccio , either in the form of a sleeping bag woven with dreams or an elegant blanket manufactured with special love and attention in Italy.

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