Co-sleeping - What does it represent and what are the most important advantages offered?

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Co-sleeping is that activity where parents get used to sleeping near their babies or children. Most of the time, when we talk about co-sleeping, most of us think strictly of parents sleeping together with their children. Although sleeping together is the most obvious form of co-sleeping, this does not mean that it is the only one. In fact, co-sleeping refers to unfettered and quick access to the newborn, in the same room, which allows providing the necessary care to the baby in a very short time. Currently, there are numerous debates on this subject, taking into account both the pros and cons of co-sleeping. Next, we present the most important advantages of this type of activity.

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  1. Favors the regulation of the nervous system of babies - Babies can feel when the mother or parents are close, which means that he will perceive this climate as a particularly safe one, falling asleep easily. The immature nervous system of newborns benefits from such favorable conditions to develop. In the period after birth, in order to grow and develop normally, babies need to sleep and eat properly. This does not mean that the little ones cannot tell the difference between day and night. The more they will be involved in family life, the more easily they will be able to get used to the most suitable moments of rest, so that they do not interfere with the normal schedule of family members. Ideally, newborns should be active during the day, and rest during the night.

Sleep is more pleasant and restful for both parents and children . As for newborns, they will rest better and there will be no need to wake up completely to benefit from attention and care from the mother. In this way, the quality of sleep and its duration will be significantly improved, both for parents and children. Because it will no longer be necessary for mothers to move to the baby's room to feed him, change his diapers or to make sure that he has fallen asleep, the duration of their sleep also increases, thus reducing the risk of postnatal depression.

Co-sleeping favors breastfeeding . The studies carried out in the field revealed the fact that babies who sleep together with their parents benefit from a twice as long period of breastfeeding. This comes with multiple advantages, particularly important for the normal and harmonious growth of the little one, but also for the correct development of the immune system. Co-sleeping favors the additional care of the baby, it being much easier to caress or take care of, as a result of being close to the mother.

The mental development of children is greatly influenced by this activity as well. The research carried out has highlighted the fact that those children who have benefited from co-sleeping have increased self-confidence, are less prone to age-related crises, have a much higher degree of happiness but also a much lower level of anxiety . There are differences between the way co-sleeping affects boys and girls. In the case of boys, we can talk about increased self-confidence but also much reduced feelings of anxiety. In the case of girls, the most important positive effects are represented by influencing them in a positive sense in terms of aspects related to privacy and interpersonal contacts.

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    Co-sleeping makes the sleep of newborns more superficial , thus contributing to the decrease of the risk of sudden death syndrome. Sudden infant death is a problem that usually occurs in newborns under one year of age and the causes of which are not yet fully known. Sudden infant death syndrome occurs during sleep. Co-sleeping is important from this point of view because there are numerous cases documented in the literature according to which mothers managed to realize that the baby is no longer breathing and resuscitate him properly.
      It has been proven that this activity reduces the frequency of crying during the night . A crying child is a child who is trying to draw attention to a certain need of his that is not being met. When the baby is in the immediate vicinity of the mother, its needs are known and met much faster and more efficiently. In addition, children who sleep with their parents seem to be more attached to them, considering the fact that they are easier to caress and care for.

        Another advantage is represented by the fact that the co-sleeping activity carried out together with other family members, whether we mean parents or brothers and sisters, has positive effects on all members. In the case of brothers and sisters, it is important because it contributes to the creation of much deeper and long-lasting relationships between them, but at the same time they reduce the degree of rivalry that could appear as the children grow. When we talk about family members who are separated during the day, such as brothers and sisters who go to school or parents who go to work, cosleeping allows these bonds between family members to be restored during the night.

          Studies carried out in the medical field have confirmed the fact that sleeping in the same room with another person improves heart rate and blood pressure. The children who benefit from co-sleeping will evolve into adults who are able to manage stressful situations much better, but they will also provide a climate of trust and security for those around them, regardless of whether they are family members or society.

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