Recommendations and ideas for thematic baptisms

Time is running out and there is only a little left until the little one will be christened? Organizing a christening can be overwhelming, especially for parents who do not have a helping hand at their disposal or a simple idea to put into practice, through which the organization of this event could take place as easily as possible.

baby girl unicorn themed baptism

There are so many details to be worked out - from setting the baptism date, to choosing the location and organizing the actual party. That's why organizing a thematic baptism is meant to help you turn the entire organization process into a top event, which will remain in everyone's memory.

Thematic baptism for girls

As exciting as the idea of ​​organizing a themed baptism can be, it can also be challenging. A themed event requires you to associate as perfectly as possible the details that represent your little one, so that the final result is a unitary one. All the elements chosen for a thematic baptism respect the same line, from the color palette to the presence of the smallest details (outfit, party decorations, invitations, etc.).

Nowadays, these thematic baptisms are organized more and more frequently, they offer a basic idea around which all other choices will be placed, simplifying the entire process of organization.

However, you have to make sure that such a baptism is not prepared for the last hundred meters because you have to find all the accessories you need in time, in the desired quantity, so as not to affect the balance scale. Many accessories require time for creation and/or customization, and a baptism with many guests will obviously require more involvement.

Baby shower themed ideas

Just like the thematic christening ideas for boys, really special christenings can be organized for girls, according to a certain concept. For example, there is no parent who does not see their little girl as a real princess. So parents or godparents can organize a thematic baptism based on this idea as well.

But because themed baptisms for little girls can be inspired in various ways, here are 4 ideas that will help you organize an unforgettable baptism for your little girl.

1. Unicorn themed baptism

unicorn themed baptism ideas

Some girls dream of becoming princesses led to the prince's castle by white horses and in a magnificent carriage. Although this is most likely not the dream of a little girl in the first months of her life, she will certainly develop an affinity with these supernatural beings called unicorns during her life.

And a baptism organized with this theme will be a baptism as well

friendly and very cheerful, memorable for the participants, without a doubt.

unicon themed christening kit for girls

From the christening kit where you can customize the candle with a custom figure and lots of colorful tulle, in contrast to your princess's dress, to balloons in the shape of unicorns and balloons as colorful as possible, in shades as similar as possible to the rest of the color palette, all the elements can be perfectly chosen so that you can create an exceptional themed baptism with unicorns.

baby christening kit, unicorn theme, annebebe candle

For added uniqueness, the mother and godmother can wear accessories with unicorns or they can make their outfit contrast with that of the little one.

2. Butterfly themed baptism

annebebe butterfly themed christening ideas

The innocence of little girls from the first moments of life can also lead us to think of the famous fairies who, it is said, would watch over their faces by means of large and colorful butterflies. Here, therefore, is a new thematic idea of ​​baptism, derived from the personality of the little girls.

The thematic organization of such a baptism is also easy. You can opt for a decoration inspired by nature, which you can complete with a christening candle in shades of white and pink, decorated with lace and butterflies. The cake with butterflies and the cutlery with ubiquitous figurines, but also the clothing or decorations that will be placed in the party room, including the candy bar, can be inspired by this theme.

christening kit for little girls, annebebe butterflies

You can also opt for custom-made creative invitations, testimonials and a christening kit that you can personalize with your little one's name.

3. Angels themed baptism

Just as the parents and godparents watch over the little one, so the little princesses have their own angels once they receive holy baptism.

baby angel themed baptism ideas

This time too, I can't miss the cheerful details, worked with love and attention, which will be perfectly associated together. Therefore, you can opt for cheerful and pastel colors to organize such a thematic baptism, or you can opt for a neutral color palette to which you can add elements in bold colors.

For example, in association with the personalized kit with angels, chosen by the nasi and embroidered/decorated in shades of red, you can opt for transparent, white, red and silver/gold balloons that will fit perfectly with the cake and a candy bar in the same shades. You can also choose for the guests to wear a contrasting bow on their wrists or on their chests, and the festive table will not lack sympathetic testimonies and accessories that fit perfectly. Even the flowers can be selected so that they respect the theme you have established (for example, you can use lilies or combinations of lilies with white and red roses, etc.).

4. Teddy bear themed baptism

Besides the dolls they can't wait to receive as a gift, the bears will be the best friends of the little girls. And until the moment when the little ones develop all the necessary reflexes so that they can fully enjoy these toys, they can take part in a themed baptism with teddy bears, which will live up to expectations.

teddy bear themed baptism ideas for the baby's room

You can turn the party room into a real land of teddy bears, which, why not, be arranged with tulle dresses and/or petticoats, according to the little one's special outfit. The teddy bear can also be found on the cake, on the invitations, on the balloons, but also on the accessories worn by parents and godparents. All you have to do is let your creativity bring out the best in you and give your little one that teddy bear themed baptism that she dreams of too.

teddy bear themed ideas baby girl christening baby room

teddy bears for christening baby girlsthemed christening with teddy bears for girls in the baby's room

extra teddy bears at the baby's room girl's christening

baptism with flowers and teddy bears in the baby's room

baby surrounded by teddy bears baby room

At Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului, you will always find a helping hand to organize an absolutely perfect thematic baptism, with the help of the complete and best quality baptism kits, contrasting testimonies, the baptism outfit for your little one and not only.

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We hope that these ideas have inspired you and that you will choose more easily the theme of baptism for your little girl or daughter.