Changing mat - a safe place where the little one can be changed more easily

The first months with the little one can be quite difficult difficult. For parents, it can mean a lot of fear, lest they do something wrong, and for the baby, it can mean a lot of crying, because the small and frail one doesn't really know exactly what is happening to him.

But, just as well, things can go great! With a lot of patience, with a lot of help from family and friends and with everything necessary for the baby to grow up healthy and be well cared for, everything will go much better.

white changing mat

One of the strictly necessary objects for the little one, is represented by changing mats. These help to create a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the baby, when you want to change his clothes, diaper, or when you want to swaddle him.

The changing mat is made of comfortable materials and friendly to the baby's skin, and the cover in which it is dressed, can be changed easily and quickly every time it is needed.

Also, the changing mat has higher edges, which makes it easier to turn the baby from one side to the other. This is important for parents, because the baby will be in a position where it can be changed much more easily, without causing discomfort.

What exactly should you keep in mind when choosing a changing mat?

1. The material from which the mattress is made

dresser with changing mat
When it comes to choosing a mattress, the material from which it is made is important from several points of view. First of all, you will have to make sure that the material is baby-friendly, so that the little one's skin does not suffer. This "verification" can be done in a very simple way, by reading the details from the manufacturer, available on the product page.

Another important aspect, related to the material, is the ease with which it can be cleaned. Since the little one will, against his will, make the mattress even more dirty, it is important to know that certain materials can be cleaned more easily. One such material, where you will not encounter cleaning problems, is PVC, so if it is important for you to quickly sanitize the mattress, look for it to be made of PVC.

baby furniture with swaddled chest of drawers

The last, but not the last detail related to the material, is how hard or soft it is. A soft mattress will increase the child's comfort, a hard one will make handling the baby easier. So, if you want to have both advantages, you can opt for something medium in hardness. If, on the other hand, only one of the two advantages pleases you, opt for a hard or soft material, as the case may be.
baby chest of drawers with changing mat
Also, don't feel guilty if you choose a firmer mattress. Especially when you know that you are more clumsy and it is difficult for you to change the baby. The little one will stay on the mattress as long as you change it, and the hardness of the mattress will not make him suffer in any way. On the other hand, too much "turning" from one side to the other could make him cry. For this reason, if you have problems because it is difficult for you to change it, opt for something tougher, without any remorse.

To choose the best one, try to take into account, as much as possible, all 3 indexes related to the material and you will definitely choose the perfect one for your baby.

2. Additional replacement covers - something indispensable when you have a changing mat

baby chest of drawers with swaddled mattress
We recommend that you also have a few replacement covers for the mattress, because changing them will often be necessary and unforeseen. So, it's good to have a spare one for any situation, which you can change without problems!

When looking for covers, you can opt for some made of softer material. As for the mattress, rigidity is important for easier handling of the little one, the cover is important only from two points of view: to protect the mattress from dirt and to increase the comfort of the little one. So, choose a soft and velvety one, which will caress his skin when you put him on the mattress to change him!

It is important that in the baby's room there is a place where the little one can be changed. This will make it easier for you as a parent, but it will also make the little one predict what's coming next, the moment he feels the texture of the mattress. That's why the changing mat will be a benefit for both you and your child!