What responsibilities do godparents and parents have at the child's baptism?

Baptism is one of the most beautiful events in the life of a child, but also of all those who will guide him on the path of Christianity. Despite this joy, it can turn into a real challenge for new parents who are expecting their first child, but also for grandparents, especially for those who have never had to deal with such an event.

From the perspective of a simple guest, things can seem really fabulous - the ritual, the decoration, the things brought by the priest and the child, etc. However, behind a successful christening there are always parents and godparents who make huge efforts to turn this occasion into a story event, memorable for each individual guest/participant.

If you are going to be a future parent or guardian, here are the duties that each category should fulfill and the contribution of each to such an event.

What do godparents and parents have to do for the baptism of the baby

Both the blood parents and the future spiritual parents have a series of duties not only regarding the organization of the baptism or the ritual, but also afterwards. It is a lifetime bond, in which the parents make sure that they will guide the child towards a good development, while the godparents make sure that this rather difficult mission is completed, as if it were their own child.

Behind this general attribution for parents and grandparents are all the other elements that lay the foundation for a successful childhood and, not least, a baptism without any problems. Traditions can differ from one area to another, as well as according to religion.

What should parents do at the child's baptism?

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In order for a baptism to turn into the event that every parent constantly dreams of, a good organization is first of all necessary. Thus, things do not have to be prepared for the last hundred meters, and it is also advisable to create a list of tasks to be sure that even the most important aspects will not be omitted.

Unlike in the past when the baptism was performed immediately, 40 days after the birth of the child, nowadays all this time can be extended until the most opportune moment that the parents, respectively the godparents consider (it is advisable to take into account their opinion to ensure that there are all temporal and financial possibilities for participating in the baptism).

Later, it will be necessary for the parents to schedule the official date of the baptism at the church, including the child's party afterwards, which can take place at home or at a restaurant. There can be an enormous number of formalities during a calendar year, so it's good to make sure that there is enough time for the little one, but also enough time to raise the necessary funds on both sides.

Many parents also provide a series of teddy bears at the party, which portend all the best in the child's future and make the atmosphere unforgettable.

A white cloth of approximately 2 m length, a pair of scissors for the parent to cut the moot, a set of clothes with which the child will be dressed when leaving home, as well as those to be used for the ritual should not be missing from the baptism kit from the next day (accessories for the bathroom).

What should the godparents do at the child's baptism?

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The godparents have some of the most important duties at the baptism of the little one, so their involvement will be appropriate.

First of all, it is necessary to purchase a series of material things, as a first sign of their involvement in the development and Christianization of the little one. It is the duty of the godparents to provide the little one with the christening candle, the kit with which the child will be dressed after receiving the holy name, but also the towel, the bottle for myrrh, a series of hygiene items and clothes, jewelry depending on the child's gender, etc. .

 Unlike the Catholics, tradition says that among the Orthodox, the godparents are the ones who enter the church first, with the child in their arms. The godmother is also the one who holds him in her arms throughout the service, while in the Orthodox it is sometimes customary for the mother to do this mostly. However, tradition says that this should happen universally and that the mother should not be near the child during the Orthodox service.

Both the priest and the godmother will hold the baptismal candle during the service. In some situations, only one baptismal candle is found, while in most cases care will be taken that both the nose and the godmother have their own candle.

Also among Catholics, the godparents are the ones who will publicly say the name chosen for the child with the first steps in the church, contrary to the Orthodox tradition where this task falls to the parents.

Near the end of the ritual, in both religions, the godparents will have to know the Creed, which they will recite at the request of the priest.

What happens the day after baptism?

And the day after baptism has an extremely important role. The baby must be sanctified with the myrrh received at the church after the next day's bath in a vat flavored with flowers and various goods that predict a bright future for him, according to tradition. It is said that after the performance of this ritual, the child will be calmer, because the good spirits will watch over him.

The godparents must not omit the fact that they must show up at the bathroom the next day with another set of new clothes (diapers, towels, etc.) and bathe the child when it's time. There will also be a series of specific formalities, such as extinguishing the candle on the door frame or throwing the holy bathing water only in certain areas, choosing an object from a generous tray that is said to predict the future child's job, etc.

Baptism can turn into a truly fascinating experience with good organization and involvement from both parents and godparents. And if you need help choosing the best christening accessories, Anne Bebe si Camera Bebelusului will be at your disposal with a lot of things necessary for the official ritual, at the baby shower and even throughout his childhood. We can also offer baptism items personalized with the child's name, baptism date and sex.