Discover here what you need to buy for your child's baptism

For parents who are with their first child, baptism is a real challenge. Even for parents who wanted a large family and who today enjoy the arrival of a new child in the world, things no longer seem as simple. Each area has its own traditions regarding the organization of baptism, but in all areas of the country there will be some basic customs that parents and godparents must take care of.

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For those moments when you no longer know what duties belong to parents, but also to spiritual parents, but also for those who will go through the experience of a baptism or a birth for the first time, today we will review all those basic things, imperatively necessary that a baptism to proceed exactly as you dreamed.

What do godparents and parents need to buy for the baby's baptism

Baptism is an extremely complex event in which parents and godparents must participate equally, both with a series of financial and moral implications. Given that godparents will be spiritual parents throughout the baby's development in adult life, we recommend that the appointment of godparents is not made for purely material reasons or out of obligation. The godfathers themselves must want to receive a new son in their care, to watch over and to guide him as if he were blood from their blood.

So here are the things each category must purchase.

Purchases that are the responsibility of the parents

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Before going to church, the parents will have to dress their angel as they think best. Moreover, the white cloth purchased for the formalization of the service must not be missing, as well as a pair of scissors, but also a box for cutting the baby's motto near the end of the baptism service.

The parents also need a towel, respectively a soap, which they will hand to the godmother to wash after the baptism ritual. The list also includes, of course, the flowers with which the chrism in which the child is baptized will be decorated, as well as a caddy for the next day's ritual.

The next day, in addition to water, the tub should contain flowers, money and jewelry made of precious materials, stones, wheat, perfumed oils, basil.

Parents are also the ones who should make sure that after the baptism there will be a small commemorative ceremony (a meal, a party) for the christening of the child, this day being considered a real reason for celebration.

Purchases that fall under the responsibility of godparents or spiritual parents

The godparents will also contribute financially. On the godparents' itinerary is the kit that should include a towel, a bottle for myrrh, and a candle. Also, they must bring a small contribution to the priest, according to the Danes, expressed in a towel and a soap that he will use before baptizing the child.

The godparents are also the ones who should take care of the priest's financial remuneration, but according to tradition there is the custom of giving the spiritual child a small financial or material gift (accessories: bracelet, chain, earrings depending on the child's gender).

It will be necessary for the godparents to offer the wine necessary for the sharing ritual, the oil for the myrrh, sweets for the guests, as well as an icon that will be consecrated during the baptism and which will also be one of the first gifts of the baby.

On the following day, the baptism ritual is completed with the anointing ritual. During this part, the child will be bathed again by the parents, who have the obligation to offer a different set of clothes to the child compared to the one offered at the actual baptism.

In some areas it is said that the baptismal candle should stay lit until the next day or be lit again when the next day's ritual is officiated. And when it is extinguished, it is said that it will be extinguished by the upper frame of the door, by the nasi.

The tradition in certain areas also states that only women participate in the burial/procession the next day, while it is also said that the water in which the child was bathed should not be thrown randomly (becoming holy water), but at the foot of a tree that it will bear fruit richly, by nasi .

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