Baptism in Spring 2021

What should the kit contain?

Ready: spring has opened its doors, the sun is stronger and nature begins to come to life. You are already thinking about baptism for your little one, and that is wonderful. Leaving aside the pandemic problems that the world is currently facing, your child is growing day by day and many children continue to be born every day. What this means? That life continues its own meaning, and that is wonderful.

Leave aside the worries of this world and focus on your little life that you now hold in your arms. Maybe he was just born and is only a few weeks or months old. Maybe you kept postponing the baptism because of the various restrictions we faced. True - maybe this will not be the grandiose baptism with many people, which you have always dreamed of for your child, but it can still be the most beautiful baptism. With a little attention to details, with you being positive and focused on your child, with a beautiful bond with the godparents you have chosen for your child, the baptism that follows can be memorable.

Are you going to be the godparents of a child? Congratulations! This is important news and a special gesture for the rest of your life. Of course, at this moment you want to do everything according to the book, in order to respect the tradition and customs of the baptism as best as possible. Among all, the baptism kit has a special meaning. Next, we show you the elements that should be found in the kit.

What should a christening suit contain in Spring 2021?

Let's review the essential pieces you need for your child's christening, and you can find them all with us. That's how you can think that you're done with virtual running all over the internet. You make a single purchase, all the pieces will have a unitary design, you will not pay for multiple shipments and you will save money. Here is what the baptismal kit must contain, which the godparents must prepare. From experience, we tell you that it is good for the godparents and the parents to consult each other a little in the choice of the trouso, especially if the parents want to establish a certain baptismal theme.

Myrrh cloth

This is actually the cloth in which the baby will be swaddled after being immersed in the water. It is a white cloth, which symbolizes the purity and cleanliness of the child. Myrrh cloths made in the Annebebe workshop can be easily embroidered, soft, pleasant to the touch, made of natural materials, safe for the baby's delicate skin. What's wonderful about Annebebe, is that godparents can opt for personalization of the trousseau and including the veil. Think how wonderful it will be to leave a personal message on the christening kit, a message that will last for years and years. It can be: "With love, from the noses" or the child's initials can be embroidered.


The baptism kit includes a towel that will be used to wipe the baby after it is immersed in the baptismal font. It can be with or without hood, embroidered or not. The embroidered towels can have different models or elegant details or can even be personalized with the name of the little one, for even more originality.

Towel and soap for the priest

These will be used by the priest who will wash with them, symbolically, before starting the baptism. This symbolizes purification (that's why the priest's soap and towel are often white). After washing with soap and wiping with a towel, the priest will take the baby in his arms.

Case for kit

The box or chest in which the kit is kept is another important accessory that should not be missing from the baptism. This symbolizes the child's dowry chest and the truth is that it is a newer accessory that is found at baptism. However, it is particularly beautiful and practical, because it allows keeping all the elements of the baptism kit.

By the way, if you buy the complete kit from us, you will also receive this kit box in the package. We have several models of boxes, including pink (for girls) and blue (for boys). The lid of the box can be elegantly embroidered with butterflies, unicorns, traditional elements, etc. We regularly update our offer, the models for the baptism kit, so we invite you to browse the category dedicated to kits.

The box for the first strand

According to tradition, the priest will cut a lock of the child's hair, in the same way, symbolically. It is like a gift that the baby offers to the divinity. Considering this habit, it is important to have a special box at hand to keep the first lock of hair. Sure, it can be a minor detail, but with a special meaning for the parents and the future child. That's why we encourage you to choose a beautiful box for the first strand.

If the baptism is going to take place in the coming months of spring 2021, we recommend you to opt for beautiful, pastel, playful shades. Of course, you will also want to take into account the gender of the child, and this is a good idea. We encourage beautiful details and special gestures at baptism, so in our offer we have prepared a lot of surprises, advantageous prices and the cutest things, created with great passion and skill in the Annebebe workshops. We are waiting for you to discover them!