Necessary for the maternity bag

During the pandemic, the number of women who became mothers increased significantly. And if you are here today, you are surely only a few moments away from meeting your little human. And he is probably just as impatient as you and can't wait to meet the one who carried him in his womb for nine months and the one who will watch his steps for a long time from now on. The first preparations for the exciting meeting begin with the maternity luggage .

the maternity bag it contains

And it brings with it a lot of nostalgia, but also joy. Today we offer you a series of valuable tips that will help you, those who are mothers for the first time and who want to contribute carefully to the preparation of maternity luggage as it should be, but also to those who have the curiosity to discover the trends and the more valuable recommendations from professionals. Of course, if you choose to give birth privately, you will also find many of these things at the hospital where the birth will take place, so it is ideal to talk to the unit where the meeting with the little one will take place and discover what things will be provided available so that you avoid loading your bag heavily.

What products do we add to the maternity bag?

Even if your little one is left waiting, we know that from now on he occupies the first place in your heart and that of the whole family. However, this does not mean that as far as the maternity bag is concerned, you must be in last place. That's why the maternity bag will contain a few things for you as well as for him.

Maternity bag - care for mommy

The same care that you will give to your little one must be given to you. That is why it is necessary to add a series of things necessary to you in this first period of your life as a mother in your maternity bag. Thus, the following things must be found in the bag:

  • Absorbents;
  • Underwear, preferably made of cotton;
  • Comfortable clothing that allows breastfeeding;
  • Wet and dry napkins;
  • Slippers and hood;
  • Some miniature products for personal care;
  • A breast pump for emergency situations;
  • Personal documents in original and copy, marriage certificate if applicable, for the baby's birth certificate.
  • Optionally, you can also take a compact, thermal pillow for the neck and not only, with the help of which you can make your position more comfortable when breastfeeding or come to the aid of the baby in case of abdominal discomfort;
  • Given the current conditions, it is also advisable to have numerous disposable masks at hand that you change regularly at an interval of 4-6 hours.

Maternity bag - baby care

Without a doubt, the junior will enjoy the most special attention. Therefore, the bag will contain many items for him such as:

  • A set of clothes and/or accessories to dress the baby. Here you can opt for cotton or organic cotton bodysuits that will be gentle on the baby's skin, blouse and pants (with the sock or socks separately), hat, etc. You can opt for a complete set, suitable for babies, at the Baby Room.
  • A coverall for premature or newborns, respectively coveralls with gloves and legs;
  • The simple or multifunctional blanket, which also allows swaddling the baby;
  • A set of diapers;
  • Baby hygiene products (soap, talcum powder, towel), if applicable; talk to the doctor so that they can be sent to you if they are necessary;

How do we organize maternity luggage?

When you analyze this list of items needed for the maternity bag, the first thought will be that you need a suitcase or more to be able to store all these things. In reality, all you need is a specialized maternity bag, with a generous interior and numerous storage compartments, as well as a little organization.

You can opt for a maternity bag compatible with the baby's stroller and/or a practical backpack, which will help you store and transport maternity essentials more easily.

As for the organization of accessories, it is recommended to store them by category or to fold them in the most compact and practical way so that they fit perfectly in the bag.

Therefore, the maternity bag starts a new life story, and the necessary for the baby occupies a place as important as the one for yourself.

Easy birth!