But if he is cold? If it gets cold?

If you heard that there are mothers who leave their baby in the pram, in the winter, to sleep outside the afternoon nap, you would probably get goosebumps, and you would put another blanket over your baby, who is now sleeping in the crib his warm But is this the right solution? To keep the child in a place with very high temperature and thick clothes?

The temperature in the little one's room manages to scare many new mothers, who are always careful, for fear of it being too cold and the little one catching a cold. However, the high temperature does not protect the baby from problems.


As in the case of adults, too high a temperature in the room can bring discomfort, especially in the case of sleep. It is well known that the most peaceful sleep is obtained at a lower temperature. If for adults, this temperature varies between 15-18 degrees, for newborns or children, this temperature must be between 18-21 degrees.

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What could be worse than a baby who hasn't slept enough?

Today, many guests crossed your threshold and the little one couldn't sleep because of the noises and especially because of those who, when they saw him so small and cute, took him in their arms, - they pinched his cheeks or stroked him or took him by the hand. And, if the revolt was not so big on his part as long as the guests were in the house, well, now that they have left, the show has begun!

Only children's cries can be heard. Which you cannot stop in any way! You rocked him and sang him all the songs you know, and the little one seems to be losing his voice from so much crying. It's so unreal that the little one doesn't stop, as if you start to believe your eyes, just to find an explanation for the baby not falling asleep.

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However, it's not the blind eye that causes the little one to cry incessantly, but the tiredness! And this will return to normal, when the little one will have peace again and will be able to sleep freely. But what do you do when the little one has a continuous discomfort, which stops him from falling asleep properly? That doesn't sound good at all!

However, it is something that happens very often and is related to the temperature in the room. When this is very high, the little one's sleep is disturbed. Know that he can be hot too! So don't dress it excessively and don't keep it at abnormally high temperatures either, because the lack of a restful sleep will also deprive you of a few hours of your sleep.

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Relax a little and don't overdress him because of the fear of cold

Try to follow your instinct and your own senses more. Even if the little one seems so frail, that doesn't make him permanently cold! Most of the time, if you are cold, he will be too, and if the temperature is too high, he will feel it, just like you.

And, if you can't stay in the child's room when you want to breastfeed him, because you're sweating, surely the little one doesn't feel very well there either. To avoid the unnecessary waste of energy resources and to protect the child from problems, try to keep a normal temperature, between 18-21 degrees.

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Also, don't try to wear it very thick when it's not necessary. Too many clothes will not only make him feel warm, but will also limit his movements, and this might not please him at all. When he sleeps, some seasonal pajamas and a blanket are suitable to cover him a little, so that he feels warm and sleeps well.

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Maybe from the need to be close all the time and to try to make him understand from now on that you will always be by his side, you end up protecting the little one too much. But he knows you're there. You are an extraordinary mother and without constantly worrying that the little one is cold.

So, take it easy. Don't stress so much that he will be cold and try to dress him normally. When you see how many benefits the appropriate temperature has on sleep, you will stop yourself from trying to protect it permanently.

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During the day, when the baby is awake and you have a lower temperature in the room, you can dress him well with a knitted overall or a thicker garment. In the evening, choose thicker pajamas if you don't wrap him, and if the baby is older, you can offer him pajamas or looser overalls, but you can cover him with a warm blanket.