Toys are a way for children to discover the world. The right ones will arouse their curiosity, stimulate their senses and help them interact with others. The game itself is an effective learning method that helps children develop.

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A special type of toys are the thermal toys which, in addition to the many playful and developmental benefits, also have a therapeutic effect. The baby will tolerate the heat released by the thermal toys with the maternal or paternal body, feeling safe around them. They can also be used as a compress when needed.

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How do these work? Well, the stuffed animal is filled with seeds that heat up in the microwave or cool down in the freezer. Typically, thermal bags are filled with grape or millet seeds and scented with natural flavors. Of course, they are anti-allergenic, so there is no risk of the little one developing any kind of allergy. Their therapeutic effect is applied in case of colic or other types of tummy or, if the baby has certain muscle tensions and when he is cold. In other words, this type of toy is an alternative to the traditional hot water bottle, an extremely ingenious and useful modern version that should not be missing from the baby's room.

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