The right bedding is important to keep your baby safe and warm. Let's find out together what you should know when you are looking for underwear for children.

Baby bedding

Bedding is especially important because babies cannot regulate their own body temperature. You need to find the right baby bed linens for them, making sure that they are not too cold or too hot during the night. Babies should not have loose bedding in their cribs (beds, pillows, blankets or stuffed animals). You can use a simple bed sheet on the mattress instead.

Little ones should sleep in changing mats with zippers or buttons. As the little one grows, you can replace the blanket with a sleeping bag with a zipper that will keep the child's temperature within the parameters. Sleeping bags must not have a hood and must be the size of the child (do not buy larger bags, thinking that they will be good for a longer period of time).

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Green bed linen

Babies spend at least 60% of their first year sleeping, breathing everything emitted by the mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets, pillows and other bed accessories. The more ecological bedding might cost you more, but it will last better and have a longer life.

Some commercial manufacturers have begun to use natural flame-resistant fibers, such as wool, instead of chemicals. An additional benefit is that the wool helps to regulate the body temperature, ensuring a better sleep for the little one. If you want to avoid synthetics altogether, take advantage of a real ecological mattress.

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This is filled either with cotton wool and wool over the steel coils, or with natural latex from rubber trees. Latex is the firmest option, having anti-allergenic properties, mold resistance and high durability.

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The cloth from which the underwear is made

Easy-care polyester and cotton blends are completely from the last century. 100% cotton sheets are in fashion for both children and adults. Manufacturers often add a formaldehyde finish to cotton to prevent wrinkling, and you probably don't want your underwear to contain chemicals.

You can find traditional styles for children, right on our website. If you are looking for more elegant underwear, it is worth seeing what beautiful models we have in stock. We recommend Nanan teddy bear underwear, but also other models created with care and delicacy for small babies.

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Cotton is not perfectly healthy... at least not for the planet. Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed and treated crops - if you want to go one step higher, more ecologically, you will have to choose the organic version. With us you can find many bed linens made of 100% cotton from hypoallergenic materials and with particularly beautiful decorative embroideries.

Beds, pillows, bumpers

In the offer of you will find everything you need for your baby's elegant crib. In addition to comfortable bedding sets, we recommend blankets and blankets for the little ones, as well as special pillows for babies (inclined anti-reflux pillows, decorative or to prevent head slouching).

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However, arrange the baby's crib with pillows with caution. They are not recommended because of the risk of suffocation in newborns.


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Finally, always place the baby on his back to sleep in a safe environment. Studies show that babies who sleep on their backs are less likely to die of SIDS. You will definitely want to follow all the safety measures for the bedding and sleeping arrangements when your child accompanies you on vacation to the grandparents, to the sea or to the mountains.