The most beautiful baby toys for Christmas

Here we are, dear parents, grandparents, just a few days away from Santa Claus, the children's and parents' favorite time of the calendar year.

If this year has been kind to you and endowed you with a new soul in your likeness and image, this year's holidays will certainly be more beautiful, richer and full of joy than ever.

Even if babies do not have the skills of an older child or an adolescent, let alone an adult, we believe that babies are very intelligent and that they have a series of sensory powers that we would not have thought of. A good example is the ease with which he finds his mother's breast, the state of mind he has when his mother is not in the best shape of her condition or when things around take an unpleasant turn for the parents. So the babies will also be happy to receive their first gifts, from their first Christmas spent with those who gave them life.

And of course, it can be a real challenge to find a gift for your baby according to its age, but not if you follow this material, step by step, in which we have prepared numerous suggestions for special gifts. Your parents, friends, grandparents, godparents, etc. can also call on them.

What baby toys does Santa bring?

Santa revealed to us that this year he will fill his quiver with various goodies from the Baby Room, where he knows that he finds good toys for babies, safe and special toys that will fully attract the attention of the little ones and that will contribute to their optimal development theirs. Here are the baby toys we suggest together.

baby dolls

Silicone dolls

For both boys and girls, you can opt for a male and female silicone doll, dolls made of silicone and other soft and pleasant to the touch materials, safe for everyday use, dolls that will turn into the babies' best friends.

silicone dolls

The silicone dolls contain hand-painted details with paint safe for children's health, with a unique, realistic design and a beautiful long-lasting fragrance that will develop their senses.

Reborn dolls

More and more parents and children aspire to reborn dolls, those dolls that perfectly imitate the face of a real baby. These dolls can also become the best friend of your children, especially girls, being a perfect Christmas present, which will be enjoyed in the future, years and years from now.

And these dolls have European certification, being completely safe. You can choose a reborn doll with numerous accessories included, from clothes, feeding utensils, etc.

Toys for colic

Baby life can represent one of the most difficult periods of life, especially when colic sets in during the first decade of life.

That's why we also offer you a vast collection of thermal toys, toys represented by a series of animals, which contain a special filling that allows them to be heated in the microwave oven and which the baby can hold close to his body to remedy the discomfort given by colic, or to feel the mother's body with her, benefiting at the same time from a peaceful sleep.

Interactive toys

In the first months of life, babies have the desire to discover all the things around them. So the temptation is at its highest, which means that it is the perfect time to introduce a series of interactive toys into the child's life through which they can find the best companion or with the help of which they can develop their cognitive skills, senses, etc.

We offer toys in the shape of teddy bears, musical toys, toys with both sounds and lights that easily distract them from crying and from the time spent permanently 24/7 with their parents and/or interactive toys through which the little ones can discover the joy of building, of taking the first steps, etc.


At first glance, a toy car may seem like a much too advanced gift for a baby. But, from a certain young age such as 18 months, these cars equipped with a walker can help the little one to develop his mobility skills, on his own.

It can be used by babies and children with the help of parents, who can provide the support that children need to discover the smallest, but most beautiful, joys of life. These cars are provided with an ergonomic design that does not pose any risk to the health of the little one, but also with a series of sounds that will arouse the attention of the little ones.

In conclusion, at Camera Bebelusului you will find the best gift ideas for Santa's enchanted quiver of gifts.

We prepare them for you with love and warmth and send them to you on time, to any address on the territory of Romania, so that on the Eve night all the little ones can enjoy the most beneficial and beautiful gifts.