Autumn is here and it came into its own much faster than we imagined. And one of the concerns of many mothers is how to dress their baby in the fall. If you are one of them and you are still not sure which are the most suitable clothes this season, I have prepared some ideas for you, which I hope will help you.

What clothes do babies wear in the fall?

Layers, layers, layers

Consider layers your best friend when it comes to clothing your baby. When the weather outside has cooled down, it is best to dress the little one the same way you dress yourself, plus another layer. During this period, when the mornings are very cool, followed by hot meals, layers are important, because you can easily adjust the clothes of the little one, depending on the temperature.

A body with short or long sleeves, followed by a blouse with long sleeves are ideal, under a jacket or a hoodie. If the sun heats up a little more, you can easily adjust the clothing, removing the jacket or blouse.

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Check the extremities

The feet, hands and head are the areas where the baby can lose heat, the easiest. It is important to choose the right footwear, in the case of babies , boots . Be careful not to be too big, but not too small, but the right size. If they are too big and you give him several pairs of socks, his feet will not have the necessary mobility and they will get cold. Similarly, if the boots are too small, the baby will not be able to move its paws and they will get cold.

The head area is the largest exposed area, where the baby can lose heat very easily. If the degrees drop below 10 degrees, the hat is mandatory, even more so if the wind is blowing.

Don't forget, slightly colder hands and feet, does not necessarily mean that the baby is cold. The surest way to find out if your baby is cold is to check his tummy (abdomen). If the tummy is cold, then the baby needs another layer of clothes on him or her.

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Natural fibers are ideal

It would be ideal for your baby's wardrobe to include clothes made of natural fibers. Especially in autumn, when the weather is so capricious, natural fibers help the body to regulate its temperature more easily or absorb sweat, keeping the skin dry. Clothes made of organic cotton, bamboo and wool let the skin breathe much better than clothes made of synthetic materials, such as polyester.

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Do not forget!

Do not wrap the child in very thick clothes, because he will overheat. When you go for a walk with the stroller, do not cover it completely, because it can create a suffocating atmosphere in the stroller. Do not use a scarf, if it is not necessary and above all, do not cover the airways with it. In addition to obstructing the airways, a scarf placed over the mouth favors the formation of bacteria and viruses can easily accumulate.

Also, as long as there are no negative temperatures, gloves are not necessary either.

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Before leaving the house, always check the outside temperature, to dress your little one appropriately, choose natural fibers and trust your instinct. Listen to your baby at all times and have fun choosing colorful, cheerful clothes, just like your baby.