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Co-sleeping with baby. The cot that allows you to have him almost all night and not get out of bed to nurse or soothe him

Cosleeping, or co-sleeping, defines the situation where parents and children share the same bed during sleep. This approach has generated intense debate among parents, but plenty of research supports the benefits of this practice.

One of the obvious advantages of cosleeping is the increased emotional bond between parents and children. Being at a short distance, the relationship becomes more solid, and the child's sense of safety and comfort is increased. This can facilitate a more restful sleep for the whole family, as the child feels protected and surrounded by the parents' love.

Cosleeping can also help reduce your child's anxiety and fear during the night. With the presence of parents, the little ones feel safe, which can lead to a smoother transition to sleep and a decrease in night awakenings.

Also, co-sleeping is also ideal for babies who are breastfed on demand, especially for newborns, as mothers will no longer wake up and go to the baby's room, which gives them precious minutes of sleep in addition.

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Studies have shown that children who practice cosleeping tend to have deeper sleep and wake less during the night. This aspect can contribute to better rest for both children and parents.

Despite the obvious benefits, it is important to emphasize that every family is unique and what works for some may not be right for others. Open communication, understanding of individual needs and mutual respect are essential in making the decision to practice cosleeping, so as to create a safe and healthy environment for the whole family.

Cots for co-sleeping

Cosleeping cots are a very good and safe option for parents who want to sleep with their children. These cribs are designed to be placed close to parents, facilitating visual and physical contact between the child and adults. The advantages of these cribs are diverse and include both practical and beneficial aspects for the child's development.

The first major advantage of cosleeping cots is the ease of access to the child during the night. Parents can quickly reach their little one to feed, soothe or provide their comforting presence without having to move far from their own bed.

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Also, these cots offer the feeling of safety for children, having the possibility to feel the presence of their parents at all times. This factor contributes to healthy emotional development and strengthens the bond between parents and children.

Cosleeping cots are designed with an open side wall, providing a safe space to sleep without risks of suffocation or other hazards. These cribs are generally adjustable in height, thus adapting to any type of parents' bed.

Azzurra Co-Sleeper Contact cots: why are they special?

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Azzurra, one of the most popular children's furniture companies, is distinguished by innovation and attention to every detail. The most popular products are part of the cot collection, especially in the Contact range. The outstanding advantages of the co-sleeping cots in this collection include their outstanding versatility. Cots can be transformed, giving parents the flexibility to adapt the furniture to the changing needs of children as they grow.

With a smart and practical design, these cribs are not only safe and comfortable places for little ones to sleep, but also multifunctional pieces of furniture. The fact that they can transform into other pieces of furniture is an innovative aspect that adds long-term value. Azzurra manages to offer complete solutions for children's rest and development, reflecting their constant concern for quality and design.

The Co-Sleeper Contact offers versatility, being a 3-in-1 cot: co-sleeper, regular cot and can also be converted into a sofa. Made of beech wood and finished with non-toxic water-based varnishes, it is stable both attached to the parents' bed and independent. With an adjustable mattress and anti-regurgitation support, the crib lines up perfectly with the parents' mattress. Removable side and 4 locking wheels add safety.

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The benefits of co-sleeping include a closer bond with your baby and more restful nights. With a sliding side, this cot can be an extension of the parents' bed, ensuring a peaceful sleep for the child. The adjustable anti-regurgitation bed frame can be raised up to 15°-20° to facilitate digestion and prevent regurgitation, keeping the child in a safe position. The Co-Sleeper Contact cot is the perfect solution for a safe and comforting sleeping environment for the whole family.

Azzurra Contact Collection

In the Azzurra Contact collection there are numerous cots for co-sleeping, ideal for all preferences and budgets. Next, we present the most popular ones.

  • Economic CoSleeping Attachable Contact White bed with included mattress and Italian Beech Wood Antireflux support: ideal for people who want a classic bed in terms of design and colors.
  • Mini Cosleeping Cosleeping Bed with Contact Art Teddy Bears with included mattress and Lumini Azzurra Design Italia Kit: as the name suggests, it is a smaller cot, suitable for bedrooms with limited surfaces or if the space on the side of the bed is not large enough for a regular cot .
  • CoSleeping Attachable CoSleeping Natural Bed with included mattress and Italian Beech Wood Antireflux support: For people who want a cot in the color of natural wood.

  • Therefore, cosleeping cots are an effective and safe solution for parents who want to share the bedroom with their little ones. They offer a comfortable and protected alternative, helping to create an atmosphere of peace and closeness during sleep.